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  1. Please no consoles. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think most people here would agree. But it's where the money is at...and where a lot of these groups are going. Well...consoles and poorly thought out MMOs.
  2. Well, it is a popular engine when you include Jade Empire in there. Why not make another sequel to Kotor? I would guess that any sequel would be released on the next gen consoles though.
  3. Hey, I've been away for a long while and I have a quick question to get back up to date. Did they officially announce that KotOR 3 is in production (or is this thread just speculation?) and if so then who is developing it? Thanks.
  4. I think it did eventually sell quite a few copies. But it definately was a niche game that didn't have a wide following...at first at least. I commonly hear it referred to as one of the greatest RPGs ever made. And then there is also a considerable crowd of console-RPGers that have never even heard of it. I think a remake would be great, but it'd have to do something very inventive to have reasonable sales compared against Xbox 360 and the like.
  5. On a slightly related note, Manfredi's The Spartan is a highly entertaining historical novel. Very recommendable. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've never read that novel, but I have read Gates of Fire. That book is amazing. It tells the story of the Battle of Thermopylae as well. Except, this one doesn't make the Spartans look like little pussies like The 300 Spartans. It's an amazing novel. Actually, most West Point Cadets are required to read this novel to see how an officer should act.
  6. My list Aerie Nalia Edwin My Roommates List Keldorn Edwin
  7. FOT took a lot of heat when it was first released. Although I have always enjoyed it. I realize that JA2 is obviously superior but I don't discredit FOT because it couldn't match up to the pinnacle game of the genre.
  8. What you need to consider is what is an "RPG" pers
  9. All of this Fallout talk makes me want to go start a new game. The original, the sequel, or the tactical knock-off?
  10. The whole discussion of why SPECIAL won't work in real time was brought up over and over when Bethsoft first got the license to Fallout. It's a dead issue and has simply been claimed as fact. I'm sure the encyclopedias are updating as we speak.
  11. Morrowind is a fps...well, a fph (first person hacker).
  12. The big deal with Bloodmoon is that you can be a werewolf! The only thing about bloodmoon though it that being able to become a werewolf ISN'T a big deal. Pity. Don't waste your money.
  13. That would require actually playing Morrowind though. I think thats against my religion or something.
  14. I just figured that instead of writing 65,000 pages of books that most gamers could care less about they could have written actual dialogue trees for their NPCs. Just my thoughts...
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