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  1. My complaints. Ending. It was bad, but it's been beaten to death so I won't go on. Characters: as you stated above, they just don't amount to anything and I expect that a few of them if not most of them won't be in Kotor 3. After playing and going through their "stories" at the end I asked myself what the whole point of having their stories was? If it was just to be able to convert them to jedi....well that's kinda weak. Influence: While a big fan favorite it is a total piece of marketing crap. It's only skin deep, yeah I can influence my group to my side and become Jedi, I can even take them so far down as to master the dark side, skin cracked, pale, scary. BUT they still go on whining about how it's wrong to kill and we should be kind to the galaxy, and lets go save the whales. I like the influence idea, but give it to me when your ready to do it justice. Bugs: are more then just annoying, I spoken and agreed with friends that have played this game in that in feels little more then a superimposed well done Dev Mod pack, typical bugs included (Nice Job adding those ROBES) Graphics: Read just above, again borrowed system little work into it, and maybe even a few steps backward (e.g. Bugs) Things I really liked. Still feels like more star wars then other star wars games out there. The deeper look at the differences between dark and light and how they balance each other. Even making you question the validity of the light side in an intelligent manor with logical arguments. The story was much more to my liking (with the exception of the end) and really had me hooked. The additional animation to special moves and combat moves in general. Though personally I'd like them to eventually remove those "lighting" effects they do when performing a special. OH, killing Vrook was long overdue.
  2. the post was that he had actually reguested to do one from LA.
  3. Are you the same guy who posted that other 'this is funny post' with some sort of whoopass thought-bubble in it? That wasn't funny. Security guard? Just kidding. I should talk anyway, I graduated college into bartending. And I just quit my job. I think your wife needs to get you out more often, man, some of this reads like the ravings of an autistic. Or you're lying about age. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> OMG wtf is your problem man, he post a comic strip and you guys like rip into him about it. Jesus ****ing anal christ, get a ****ing life star wars geek or somone gonna pull your underwear over your head.
  4. EXACTLY! That was un-freaken believable. To be honest, anyone who suggest KOTOR 2 has as much content as KOTOR 1 didn't really play KOTOR 1 to it's fullest.
  5. Yeah don't get me wrong, I like the idea of the influence system but as it is right now, it's only eye candy. When it effects the actual behavoir of your party then it will be much more rewarding.
  6. LOL, wow your an idiot. ahaha, simply put. Thats a negative btw.
  7. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> UH yeah dude, thats marked the 24th of last month, the Obsidian request came much after that.
  8. All it does is change their appearance. I've had Handmaidan and Mira dark side masters and they will still go on about how it's wrong to kill, whaaaaa.
  9. Yeah but the thing is, we knew that before and it didn't stop the outrage over the ending. We then get the indication that the DEV's hear us, and even go so far as to ask permission from lucasarts to do a content patch...then everyone shuts up and disappears. They get their chance to show a lot of support for it (which could sway lucas) and they claim up. So again, all they really wanted was something to bitch about.
  10. OMG sorry for the spam, borad keept telling there was an SQL error.
  11. Frankly I'm amazed that Obsidian even asked, I'm further amazed that all the people bitching about the ending aren't more behind this. Here is a chance to petition a lucasarts response to a Dev request and everyones quiet. So were you guys just bitching and yelling to bitch and yell? Don't you think the one thing that would convience Lucas to approve the DEV REQUEST is to see fan support?
  12. Has the Dev posting been removed? and if so I guess we know what that means.
  13. Holy christ the fact that they have announced that they even "asked" lucasarts for a content patch squarly puts the attention on Lucas, but then maybe lucas told them to do so cause they can handle the heat. In either case, it would be sweet as hell to see one.
  14. You know it's pretty freaken sad when the fans have to "FIX" the game they bought.
  15. Just out of curiousity (since I don't have any expertise about this really), would LucasArts really throw thunderbolts if someone modded in some dialogue/scripted events, which would mostly just utilize assets already present in the game discs? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They haven't in the past...but I don't recall anything as major as a new ending. But F them for not giving us that ending in the first place.
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