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  1. But you know what? The companies don't care if we are legally entitled to or not... they will make it as impossible to do so as they can in order to beat "piracy" which isn't as big a problem as they say it is... they just use it in order to rationalize their protection.
  2. The patch instituted SecureRom 7.0 I believe while the original only used 4.0 or 5.0 or such. That's what is causing some of those problems now.
  3. How do you know Obsidian handed it off already? Just because they said they did? No offense but right now, I don't believe anyone about what is going on. At this rate though, I don't want Obsidian working on KOTOR 3 or even NWN 2. Sure, in the past they've all done some great things as individuals (the team members that is) but right now, they have no contact with the player base or anything. At least Bioware were always and still always on the boards, letting people know what is going on. How often do you see Obsidian people here? I rest my case. Both parties are at fault in my book
  4. That explains a problem I had, sort of. I bought the game a few weeks ago and patched it the next day. With the patch installed, it kept telling me that it couldn't verify or authenticate the CD even though I had the original play disc in the drive I ended up reinstalling the game and playing it without the patch and it worked fine (or well I got a few bugs but I was able to work around them). Does anyone know if the new movie/music patch will require the 1.0b patch to work? I want the higher quality movies and music but if I can't get into the game it wouldn't matter anyway... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's one of the major problems where the "anti piracy" actually is hurting the real consumers and not the actual hackers. Seems the more and more "protection" we get, the more and more older drives can't seem to read it. SecureRom has been insanely notorious for this in the past and I don't see it changing anytime soon obviously. This is the main reason most people use a no cd patch, because their drive can't read it.
  5. As I said... The 1b patch added more security and the original executable doubled in size (from 6 MB to around 14 MB) which means if you try and use the old no-cd patch that is floating around, you've essentially not really patched your game. I am beginning to wonder if this person really did buy the game because if you buy games you don't even have to worry about no-cd cracks/hacks because you can just put the CD in and no problem. Why post about a non-existant problem... Unless it really *is* a problem for some reason, eh? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Because it could become a problem. Anyone follow Bioware and their NWN fiasco where CD's were cracking very quickly after puchase and such? Not to mention how fragile a cd is. Personally, I rather have my CD locked up and put away just in case I need to do a reinstall than swapping it in and out with a group of other CDs and upping the risk I break it. Not to mention performance issues, some games are faster with a nocd patch installed. Sometimes people just want a legitimate way to run their game safely without risking the original cause you never know what might happen.
  6. Darth Brooks He plays a mean guitar and has an alter ego in Chris Gaines just like Senator Palpatine. Will also have tons of followers to hound you for his own evil plans
  7. Is Hanharr also a scout? I liked Mira cause well, she was much better looking than the walking carpet, and as far as ranged weapons she was awesome with the free targeting and free precise shot feats.
  8. Alright, I'll aim for that then... yeah, I believe it's an alignment thing too which is why I do Nar Shaddaa first so I can get Mira without dropping down to the darkside. I'll aim for the Jekk Jekk Tar, it makes sense since that's where she confronts you actually.
  9. I know you have to be grey or light sided on Nar Shaddaa in order to get Mira, my question is does anybody know if there is a specific point you can go DS on Nar Shaddaa and still get Mira? I want to be a DS character but don't want a giant rug following me around going "rooooowwwrrrr" all the time. So is there a point in which the game says "you will get Mira" and can start working on the DS points while still on Nar Shaddaa?
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