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  1. Can't seem to down this guy, of course it doesn't help that I don't have a decent shield left... I'm LS, any hints, tactics most welcome. Clariana13
  2. Bumming around Onderon, killed a few headhunters, no-one's giving me zilch on the doctor, can't get into the palace. What am I missing? Where is the lever that will open this oyster? Much obliged for any help Clariana13
  3. Exile (to Disciple): Lick my Jedi boots! Disciple: Oh yes master.... (w00t)
  4. I've just freed Vrook from the crystal cave in Dantooine. I'm playing LS with Disciple and Atoon, every time we try to leave the cave to help Koohda, we meet Aczul who sets his mercs on us and they take us to pieces. Any advice on tactics or strategies most welcome Clariana13
  5. I'm playing LS with Atoon and Disciple and keep getting killed by these guys when we try to leave the crystal caves having freed Vrook. Any hints or tips on how to defeat them very welcome. Clariana13
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