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  1. I think you can do it by just going through all of the dialog options with her, gaining influence at various points depending on what you say. Then, as someone already noted, talk to her on the Ebon Hawk about her feeling restless, etc., and you get a dialog option like "maybe someday you will let me show you about the force." She says something like, "maybe so, but don't embarrass me." Then take her to the railing near Geeda and have her listen to the force.
  2. Not in front of the cantina--near the railing near where the merchant Geeda is standing.
  3. I've played through as a LS consular weaponmaster and I have to say that I think you will get totally bored with a 50 level character. When you start as a consular, the game can be challenging, but after you change to weaponmaster (I did this at level 15) it almost immediately becomes way too easy. Even when you move the difficulty up to the highest level. You could probably make it more interesting by restricting your force powers to those you can do wearing armor, or something, but otherwise, not much is going to be able to hurt you.
  4. For lightside: I think the first chance to influence him is on Peragus when you agree with him that you should get the navigation charts from the bridge. Shortly thereafter, if you tell him when you feel Kreia's pain, you will get more influence. Most of the other places to influence him that I've found are on Nar Shaadda--do nice thing in the refugee sector and chase away thugs, and also let him fix the airspeeder. That should be enough to change him into a jedi...
  5. Silvershadow, Mira actually asked that??! The horror! Lol, anyway, I admit I have only had the chance to play through LS Female Exile once (so much work these days). I got all of the Atton/Disciple fights I believe and a couple of other Atton scenes--never had Mira ask that though. How do you get her to say that about Atton or Disciple? Thanks for the info, Royal <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've had Mira ask about Disciple once, and another time she asked if my exile was involved with Atton. The second time, Disciple wasn't in the party yet.
  6. I consider BaoDur a must for this one (too bad he can't lead the party). Atton (or Mira if you have given her stealth abilities) to sneak in and clear out the mine field. As for the final member, it can be pretty much anyone--taking Mandalore makes it almost too easy, though.
  7. Well, he IS missing an arm, after all. That might reduce one's dexterity somewhat... I have found quite a few good light and medium armors in my current game (including 3 Exar Kun battlesuits!) so I've been able to outfit Bao-Dur nicely. It is annoying, though, how many good heavy armors there are in the game, but the only heavy-armor guy, Mandalore, can't change his armor!
  8. G0T0 seems the most useless to me. Diciple actually can be really useful, and not just in combat. There are some pretty interesting cutscenes with him and Kreia that provide the best clues in the game about what Kreia is up to. (For some reason, I didn't get these scenes in my first game. May have something to do with influence)
  9. Since you're still on Telos, it is entirely possible that you don't have the option to upgrade because you haven't found any upgradable items yet.
  10. My lightsider killed the first one on Nar Shaddaa (sort of by accident) and didn't get any DS points for it--kept her LS master, in fact. After that, I didn't have any choices except for killing the other two at the final Dantooine get-together (which, by the way, seems to have really bothered Kreia, for some reason--got a bunch of new chat from her that I didn't get in my first LS game). So at this point, my character has killed 3 of the jedi council while maintaining LS mastery...
  11. Hey, I killed Bastila in a LS game for K1, and it didn't keep her from coming back in K2! (Of course, it was not like I had to kill her. I just felt like it...)
  12. My consular/jedi master had all her jedi companions (Bau Dur, Atton, Mira, Visas) at mastery at one time or another, but for some reason their mastery disappears sometimes, even if there is no loss of influence. Not quite sure how that works.
  13. Atton yelling "I'll cut you down to size!" while attacking a roomful of gands...
  14. I did the quest without getting any darkside points and without taking out the exchange guy (squid-looking fellow) in the refugee sector. I think it worked because the 2 guys at the entrance to the refugee sector attacked me --I don't remember what response I told them but I didn't get dark side points for fighting them. Then I got all of the quests, solved the seroco and exchange quests peaceably, then went to the docks to talk to the husband. But I had to walk back to the refugee sector before it said that the path was clear for her to join her husband.
  15. If you want Atton to be a fighter, it actually makes sense to turn him into a jedi. As a sentinel, he gets more hit points, and enough skill points to keep upgrading his scoundrel skills. Also, his dexterity starts out good and can get much better (up around 30 in my present game) so there is really no need to keep him suited up in armor. I have him dual-wield keen lightsabers--he's awesome!
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