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  1. go to pc game modsand download some :cool:
  2. Lord Orpheus 4 posts in a row wow thats bad u must be lonely
  3. today i logged on to the obsidian forums and it said patch released im so happy :D
  4. i started sentinel and then went sith lord and all i use is force storm im like level 23 on my 3 play through and im killin everything with it
  5. citizen FS padawan jedi jedi knight jedi master master jedi grand master jedi (can only be ranked that high when the jedi unite)
  6. he gets more 1 extra per turn but why would u start a thread for that
  7. damn noob i hate it when people start a new thread for something dumb like that i bought mine in telos by the way
  8. my force storm is the same as my force shock no difference in graphic
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