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  1. If you haven't tried yet, throttle back the gfx settings just before entering the caves. The caves are one of the few places that I had a noticable framerate hit.
  2. Not all drives are created equal. If you have half an hour and a tiny bit of hand/eye coordination, you could temporarily swap the reader that does not like the disks for the one that does. Install. Swap back. It should work fine. Else, you have issues with winders and not the reader on said pc.
  3. We've done this before, but here's my answer again... Scion is a little car popular amongst the younger drivers. Hence, Darth Sion is Lord of the Little Cars.
  4. They learn as they go. I don't think anyone can truly ever call a game "done". I'm sure that with most games out there, developers smack themselves in the forhead and exclaim "...why didn't we do that...?" Bioware gets better and better each game they release because they learn from the previous titles. Likewise, OE will learn from TSL, which will make NWN2 better, and whatever else they do in the future.
  5. I just think that there is simply a lot more writing in this game that is specific to gender and class. If you aren't the right thing at the right time, you won't see certain dialog, ever. Since I am playing through DS this time, I plan to give it a go LS next time to take in all the options. Maybe grey the taime after that.
  6. Maybe the Ebon Hawk is just supposed to be haunted....
  7. All in all, I like the humor in TSL much better than KOTOR. I want to thank the writers for some excellent moments, and overall better quality of dialog in general. Whoever wrote Atton's...thanks. He's got some of the funniest sarcastic moments I've yet found in a video game of any genre. But that's just my opinion...your mileage may vary.
  8. Another Nar Shadda moment: When you encounter a couple of thugs harassing a commoner on the refugee dock. You force persuade them to give you their credits, then force persuade them to jump off the platform. "I-It will be m-much quicker getting to the bottom that way..." says one of the thugs. Then as you aproach the commoner, he says "I don't know what you just did to them, but I'm getting out of here!"
  9. Two things that really made me smile just happened while playing through yesterday. On Nar Shaddaa: 1. My female Sith Marauder in a Twi'lek dancing girl costume. Too bad it isn't upgradable! 2. When the three bounty hunters approach the Ebon Hawk. All of the NPCs are standing out there to greet them. (your PC is off solo trying to get to the Exchange). After some back and forth between Atton and the lead bounty hunter: Atton: So, which one do you want? Bao Dur: I'll take the stupid one. The one who had a chance to just shoot us, but chose to tell us about it first. (or som
  10. So, does anyone know when you get it if you're neutral alignment? Seems I'm just a hair below center. I guess I could go back a few hours in the save folder and be a little nicer/meaner.
  11. Alright, I'm running around doing every side quest I can find. I take Kreia (sp) along everywhere I can, and mix and match the rest. I haven't been to all of the planets yet, still haven't been to Nar Shaddaa. But I've completed all the missions available on the worlds I've been too (I understand I will need to return to several of them again as the plot unfolds a little more) I'm sitting on the cusp of Level 20 Sentinel. I've run out of new things for Kreia to say, along with all of the other characters. When the hell does the magical, mysterious dialog pop up asking you to choose a
  12. You're not mistaken. Same game engine. And that only puzzles me the more. How can the same game engine look/run worse after one year of work and tweaking? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Does no one read my posts? Crist, .... Yes, they tweeked the engine, but not for graphical improvements.
  13. I noticed the same thing. I think that it has more to do with the way OE tweeked the engine to accomodate the addition background processing that goes on in TSL vice KOTOR. The resulting additional workload has caused the graphics to take a hit. In order for me to get the same visual quality from the game, I have to tweek the gfx settings up beyond what I needed to have set for KOTOR. In general, they appear more Xbox-ish. I would definitely recommend that this be the last KOTOR game to use this engine.
  14. Say what you want but this lemming, along with most of you I'd wager, will be playing KOTOR 3 if for no other reason than to see the loose plot ends tied together.
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