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  1. That was one of my favourite parts of the game. It reflected how the theme of the game changed ... Similarly, I think Icewind Dale II changed the opening screen background from day to night depending on what time it was on your computer clock.
  2. I saw that movie but didn't make the connection until now. They are very similar. Maybe the Obsidian designers were inspired by Spirited Away, whether consciously or not ...
  3. Hmm, good point about the scion. Actually, I think typically a scion is used to refer to the younger members of a noble family, so it definitely correlates with being a student. What is that guy's name, anyway? For most of the game he was referred to as "Darth Sion" but I know there's at least one dialogue where he is named "Darth Scion". As for Lucas choosing "Vader" solely because it sounds cool ... postmodernists would argue that the text is more important than the author's own intentions ( ! ). So the fact the Vader turns out to be a cognate of "Father" overrules what Lucas had in mind in the first place (I know, it sounds kind of goofy)
  4. The Star Wars universe has traditionally had some painfully blatant references in the bad guys' names. I was trying to figure out what all the "Darth" titles meant and came up with a few but some are still elusive. (I'm sure most of these have already been discussed somewhere, anyone have a link?) Darth Nihilus: Okay this is easy, nihilism, the void, hunger Darth Traya: Sounds sort of like "betrayal" as we know. Visas Marr (bonus non-Darth name): Presumably this is something about marring vision, which makes sense because she is physically blind. Darth Vader: "Father" since he's revealed to be Luke's father, but if you know your German (or Indo-European) you might have had a hint in the original movie Darh Sidious: An insidious threat, of course. Darth Maul: Violent guy who mauls things. Darth Revan: A revenant, someone who returns from the dead (or at least a mental death in KOTOR1). Darth Malak: I'm assuming this is just a generic reference to malice? Darth Bandon: Remember him from KOTOR1? I don't remember him having a personality other than "end boss" so I can't figure out what thisis supposed to mean. Maybe when he was a child he was abandoned by his parents at the daycare. Darth Sion: I'm stuck here: how is this supposed to be a reference to pain or shattering?
  5. About the ritual controling the drexl spawn: Obviously, he was talking about KOTOR2 and the possibility of adding more content to the ending
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