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  1. Just wanted to express how disappointed I am at this point. I had put 15 hours into the game when it was released last week, and I ran into this game breaking bug Friday. It's now almost a week later, and there hasn't been any hotfix or patch released to fix this. At this point, I'm honestly over caring about playing. It's beyond me how a game these days is released with a gamebreaking bug like this and not addressed in a timely manner.
  2. Here's a link to my files. Two save games, output log and dxdiag. All you have to do is try to exit outside... https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7vrDSjtQRpEfjlSTVVocThlc3lBVU9zVXVyeXIyc0JpWmVtdl94YnZJRkdKLUhId3BQU28&usp=sharing
  3. Where is the hotfix at!? I haven't been able to play the game for 2 days. Unacceptable for a game these days with a game breaker like this.
  4. Having a related issue. I just killed Raedric, and I get a black screen/freeze if I try to exit his keep from any exit. I've been playing the game for 13 hours and this is the first bug I've run into. It's a gamebreaker so far because I can't figure out a workaround. Doesn't appear to be letting me attach files, so I can't attach my savegame.
  5. This happened to me as well. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Same with me, if that is the true case, thats real real gay of obsidian to take the easy way out like that. It also happened to me at the start when It asked If I wanted to play the Prologue or not...
  6. Ok, 8 hours in, an update: I'm on Telos now. Couple things... 1. Two crashes to desktop, while not overly aggravating, still seems unacceptable to me 2. I count five broken quests that I could not finish because I probably stumbled upon them in the incorrect order, these were on Citadel station and Telos surface. 3. Movies all seem to play in ultra low res, cutting off a good 1/3 of my screen on both sides, I'm just barely able to read the text as it's so huge. 4. Sometimes when I pick a option from dialogue, it actually does the opposite of what I picked, this has happened to me three times so far, so I know for sure it's not me misclicking the choice. 5. For some reason, the game will start in windowed mode 3 out of 4 times, this is the only game I've ever seen do this, maybe it's my ATI card? 6. Setting the attack type of your NPC's (aggressive, stationary, etc) doesn't seem to stick unless you actually click the attack type to keep it in place. I think I remember from the first game just having to scroll to it, not actually click it. 7. My party NPC A.I. seems to be getting worse as the game progresses, at first, they actually helped, now it's as if my party members are totally brain dead. It seems almost every fight, they just sit there starring at me as I get my ass handed to me, not doing anything unless I engage them manually. 8. Even though I heard about this prior, there seem to be a ton of "jump-arounds". What I mean by this is probably incomplete story, not knowing why someone is doing something, or movies that just appear out of nowhere and dont make sense. I'm not naming specifics as I'm not into spoilers, but there were multiple examples for when I'd pick a certain dialogue option, and a movie would play that made absolutely no sense at all, or a dialogue option would come up that has nothing to do with what's going on, I'm like wtf was that? 9. Game is on serious rails, I still hope that it opens up for whatever comes after Telos, I mean this is real real bad... You have just about one skinny ass area to walk down at any one moment. 10. And this final one is more of just a rant, as In I seem to be too stupid to put all the story together so far, It has a HUGE amount of plot holes that I hope are answered by game's end. And I dont mean just unexplained story, I mean holes like "If that guy did this, and he did this, and this guy did this, how was that possible?" Some positives: 1. Absolutely creepy ass story, really loving it, definitely outweighs the negatives.
  7. I'm sure there are a million impressions by now, but now that I've given my $50 to play this game, I think it's time I get to speak. Little background, loved the first KOTOR, at no point in the game did I really feel like it had consolitis, with the exception of the Starforge, which just felt like they ran out of time, so they had to put the game on rails... Production value was good, loved the game immensely from start to finish. KOTOR 2 Impressions: Positives: 1. Story seems great so far, maybe even better then the first KOTOR due to all the mysteries being raised so fast, hopefully It keeps this up. 2. Only four hours of playing time, and I'm really liking the characters so far, they seem to have more personality and mystery then the first game. Negatives: 1. Soon as I started in the game, my first impression was, this game is a console game. I cant say for sure, but is it possible that the graphics are worse then the first game? Everything looks so bland and low res, even with the details all on high. And did your character run so messed up in the first game? I cant recall, now his heels come up to touch his ass with every step. I'm hoping the environments open up too, whereas the first game had huge beautiful environments, I've found myself doing nothing but running down skinny hallways into square rooms that have no personality whatsoever. As long as the story keeps up, I can see myself finishing this game, It seems to keep you chugging along, no matter how uninspired the game feels. I don't feel ripped off, I just feel frustration and anxiety over what coulda been if Microsoft hadn't bought the exclusive rights to release these games first on a crappy console system... Hopefully one a day a company will have the balls to go with a strictly PC Star Wars RPG, so that it could live up to it's full potential. This is be no means meant to be a negative review, just a objective review from a KOTOR fan. Story is there, gameplay and graphics really arent...
  8. Local EBgames here in Tampa has my preorder ready... looks like the game is in store!
  9. Yeah, thats pretty much what I figured... It's always the day after shipping date that Tampa and Brandon get their stuff...
  10. Here here to that. I'm amazed that I actually finished BL. There were so many broken areas and quests in the game, especially after It turned into that action fest about 3/4 through it. Not to mention I lost count of the times my guy got stuck in the environment (fell through floors, stuck in walls, etc) and had to reload the game.
  11. Well, I just need to get my words in here. I have this game on preorder, and I just wanna say this now because I won't be able to talk once Lucasarts has my money. If this game sucks due to bugs that they talk about in this review, I will never buy another Lucasarts game, much less Obsidian game. Lucasarts already completely burned me on Sam N Max 2, and I could care less about NWN 2 as I thought the first one had a terrible single player experience. This game better be at least as playable as KOTOR1, as I had no gamestopper bugs right out of the retail box.
  12. McCrank just sounded like a funny name to me a couple years ago. My avatar... Im just a big chipmunk fan, and I found this pic on some personal website.
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