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  1. Josh Sawyer is Project Director on one. We know nothing about it and probably not for a while as it "just (few months ago)" started. Cool. Yeah, that's what I've read elsewhere. Incidentally, I'm still surprised at the irony of a true Fallout game (IMO) being the thing that brings Obsidian huge commercial success. Given how IPLY treated the licence when BIS still existed.
  2. Hi all. Been like two years since I showed my face around here, having migrated from the old BIS boards before that studio closed and having been pretty involved in FO fandom over the decades. Some of you may recognise me. Probably not, though, hah. Was pondering a question I read on RPG Codex recently. Given that FO:NV sold really well, and given that Obsidian now have their own engine as well, how has that affected the developer's leverage with publishers? Any chance of an original IP? Maybe I've missed some news/rumours. But would appreciate a catch-up. Even though I've found 50% of Obsidian's games disappointing (to be honest, I only really like and applaud FO: NV) I have faith in the talent at the studio, especially if they are given some freedom to be creative. Also, after experiencing initial ambivalence, I'm excited about the South Park RPG. Done right, it could be something really awesome in the Paper Mario vein of games, lampooning the genre and all that's messed up within it while having it's own classy RPG gameplay. EDIT: And look at that, my join date of 7 February 2004. I think I was one of the first ten people to register here, haha.
  3. If we managed to piss off both Gromnir The Retarded and Visceris The Other Retard, then it was time well spent. Have fun! bye,
  4. CAN YOU PLEASE NOT BE A RETARD BY NOT PUTTING SPOILERS IN YOUR SUBJECT LINES?? I realise that idiocy comes naturally to you, but at least try.
  5. The game's framerate is usually pretty bad when I first load the game. If I reset the graphics by increasing or decreasing the AA/AF effects, disabling then reenabling frame buffers or whatever, the framerate is very smooth. When I switch to a new area, the framerate is bad again, until I reset the graphics again. THis is on an X800 card. Anyone know what resetting the graphics does, and whether I can make it so I don't have to keep doing it in every new area?
  6. Why if I have a NON x800 card? I have an x800 card, is there a different method I have to use?
  7. The whole thing's a mess with ATI cards. Now the game just has white for all textures apart from the main character. The game is unplayable.
  8. I'm using the latest Omega drivers. Has anyone tried the latest Catalysts that were released yesterday?
  9. I'm using an ATI X800 PE card with the latest omega drivers. Firstly, every time the game starts, it switches to full screen but then starts playing intro movies in a window and I have to manually maximise the game. I can't see a 'run in window' box to uncheck though. Also, the game will always be flickering until I alt-tab out of the game and back in, or change the AA/AF options, then the flickering is resolved. I have to do this each time I launch the game though. Also, the framerate can go really low. I don't expect this on my 3Ghz, 2gb RAM computer, especially since the game doesn't look anything special. Is there a recommended driver to use with the game that could resolve some or all of these issues? TIA
  10. Abuhwha? <tries to remember if he ever offended Teatime in his sordid forum career> P.S. I agree about Bioware/Obsidian. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It was the 'perhaps he did a Teatime' remark, which I figured was some kind of insult. Otherwise, feel I extend my invitation to you as well D:
  11. I'm still here, sort of. Ok, I'm not really, I randomly thought 'what happened to Darque' and looked up here. This is 100% true, wierd that she asked what happened to me on the same day. Anyway, yes I've left these forums (this will probably be my last post here in a year or so), because IMO Obsidian suck and they offer nothing of interest. They're bioware junior (and that's a very bad thing - bioware are a company with the funds and opportunity to create a unique, original IP, and they go and make another f*cking Tolkein rip-off), with disappointing projects and games catering for the mainstream rather than the hardcore. Commercialism maybe, but they don't interest me and I'm disappointed by them. I'm sure they don't care what I think - hence my self-removal from these forums... So I spend my time these days running Duck and Cover (the other fallout site). Actually you should come and register, Darque, and anyone else who cares, as it's pretty fun, filled with your genuine homosexuals, bisexuals, heterosexuals, goatses, blacks, whites, males, tubgirls, susan, females and latvians. http://www.duckandcover.cx So maybe see you there... anyway, that's what I'm doing these days. So I am still active on forums, but the only ones you're likely to find me in as part of the gaming community are Duck and Cover and occasionally RPG Codex. EDIT: you're all welcome, apart from Servant of Eru. You can't come.
  12. It'll also hurt Obsidian, which is, like it or not, one of the last refuges of CRPGs. I'm pissed as well, but not so pissed that I'm going to repay the months of hard work of the Developers by pirating a copy of their game just to spite their Publisher. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hahaha, obsidian the last refuge of CRPGs? Seriously. Their first PC project is a xbox port, the second is a hand down from a sucky RPG developer. I don't care about obsidian much any more. Support Troika, they're deserving of it.
  13. It seems blatantly obvious that it's the MS dollar that has made this decision. It's a real shame, obsidian were a company i was interested in but with recent announcments, the sucky bioware hand-me-downs, hostile comments from feargus combined with his 'NWN1 was the best single player game EVER!' pr spins and the apparant sellout of their PC roots, well there's a reason I havent' posted on these boards for months. Good luck obsidian, but I'm not interested in you any more. Not that you care it seems, I guess bioware's money tastes good.
  14. Very funny generally, though the ending - the last christmas special - i felt was a let down, turning the series into some fairy tale rather than a mockumentary. And prince charles just jumps on whatever bandwagon happens to be popular with the general public, because he wants to be king some day. I doubt he's even watched it.
  15. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3938591.stm the thought of the sheep rolling over the the cattle grid just to terrorise old ladies is one that makes me happy.
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