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  1. Hi, All, Here's another way to collect driver information. Vote for which driver has worked the best for you. You might also post your card in a reply, if you feel so inclinced. Hopefully this info will be succinct enough to help the devs in their patch efforts. ---Jason
  2. Yo, Me and All, (I hate replying to myself!) I haven't posted for a while because I've actually been playing the game! Turns out that, for me, the Catalyst 5.2's did the trick. I installed those Thursday night and everything's been smooth sailing since. (w00t) I played for five hours last night straight with no issues. I had a few graphical artifacts (textures being replaced with matte black depending on the viewing angle) at Peragus, but after quitting for the night and starting the next day, they seem to have gone away. So, my experience: Cat 5.1 - sucky, constant crashes
  3. Yo, geldonyetich, Hope you feel better, dude. Hey, great news about the improved run with 5.2! I haven't d/l'ed them yet, so I'll give that a whirl tonight. However, bummer about your card dying. How long have you had it? Honestly, I've never had the RAM on a video card of mine go bad. Sounds like it is a good thing you got that warranty! ---Jason
  4. Hi, All, Since it seems that many of the early bug reports are from Radeon owners, let's use this post to keep track of which Catalyst driver releases are the most successful. Hopefully, if we gather enough reports, we can piece together a picture of the best supported combinations. To start off: Graphics System Gigabyte 9600XT 128MB Catalyst 5.1 Problems Frequent crashes, both CTD and lockups. Sometimes starts in windows mode. Overall Success: Poor To make life easier, copy the "Graphics...Problems...Overall" form into your reply and use it to report your own exp
  5. Yo, All, Dang! I played for about 3.5 hours yesterday and had seven (yes, 7!) game crashes. SEVEN! Four of them were lockups and 3 were CTDs. The lockups required complete reboots. Also, for five or six startups of the game, it mysteriously tried to run itself in windowed mode, not full screen! The stupid thing would wipe the monitor to change resolutions and then change back to my desktop and bring up the game in a window with the size I had requested (1024x768 - I run my desktop at 1280x1024). Stupid! Then I'd have to change the game's refresh rate, at which point it would "
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