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Update 78 Pushed Until 5/14

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Hey, everyone. Tomorrow's update (5/13) is being pushed until Wednesday (5/14). There are a few things that we want to polish before showing off to you guys.


Also of note, we are going to try out posting the update in the morning instead of the afternoon. Look for it around 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

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Thanks for letting us know in advance so I won't wait up for a nonexistent update.

Also you changing the schedule to a morning update may mean that I get updates at a more reasonable time. I hope it sticks.


Does this update contain some info on the Aumaua?
I do recall you saying about two updates ago that you'd ask around about putting some Aumaua lore into one of the future updates.

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I have always hated the word "censorship", I prefer seeing it as just removing content that isn't suitable or is considered offensive


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yeah! that'd be 6pm for me, no more midnight updates!

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^ I believe your image meant to say:



Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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Unacceptable.  Unacceptable!

Not doing it right.


Worst, GAFriend, show him how we do things.


Obsidian just shot themselves in the foot.I don’t know how much the rest of you know about Kickstarter development culture (I’m an expert), but honor and shame are huge parts of it. It’s not like it is in the normal videogame industry where you can become successful by being an ****. If you screw someone over with Kickstarter, you bring shame to yourself, and the only way to get rid of that shame is repentance.What this means is the Kickstarter backers, after hearing about this, are not going to want to play Pillars of Eternity, nor will they purchase any of Obsidian’s games. This is HUGE. You can laugh all you want, but Obsidian has alienated an entire market with this move. Feargus Urquhart, publicly apologize and post the update NOW or you can kiss your business goodbye.

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