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  1. As a follow up, if you kill a single ogre, talk to the matron, and even though get the dialogue that you can talk to Morug for supplies, he won't appear. At least he didn't for me.
  2. I don't see an ogre outside anywhere. Is it possible to kill him by exploring the map before talking to the Matron?
  3. If I may, I think I like the new one better. It's actually funny.
  4. Being able to drop items should be one of the top things to be considered.
  5. I agree that blindly listening to a single set of demographic can be a deterent, but the initial pitch for the project was to appeal to those gamers you call "incoherent nostalgia people", as we have so often said in your many posts. This has been stated many times, I imagine. I also agree that by trying to adhere to the standards set by the old Infinity Engine games while concurrently trying to establish a core ruleset they could call their own resulted in a product full of hiccups. But that's why the community is here, no? Even you with your endless, shameless logical fallacies and ****flinging, is just one side of the criticism the game needs. Rather than aggressively latching onto other people's comments, you should probably keep your trolling focused on the game.
  6. Companion barding would be pretty cool, but that seems like it would take quite some time to implement.
  7. I would think that balance is essentially a non-issue, seeing as how NWN1 had two rings, an amulet, and a cloak slot.
  8. UI design similar to BG/IWD where each character had his own inventory screen.
  9. Victory should be its own reward. And it is when the battle is challenging. On the other hand, XP awards don't make easy and boring fights any more interesting. Yeah, no. Unless you get something after the battle be it useful items or XP, victory is never its own reward. At least, in a game.
  10. In reply to the previous replies about getting EXP from a variety of activities, I thought I might add my two cents. It's probably been mentioned a million times already, but, really, I don't really understand how people can justify the current system of no combat EXP. I'm just picking at semantics here, but realistically speaking, aren't you supposed to gain experience via combat anyway? There's a difference between swinging a sword a couple hundred times and actual combat, after all. It's already there in some form by revealing to us more and more about the enemy, but I feel that isn't enough to reflect the actual experience gained from fighting against deadly monstrocities. That's why I preferred the old system of giving experience for both questing and combat as it reflected the knowledge gained from both fighting and the headwork required to make your way in the world. Just my opinion.
  11. Make a semi-serious one dedicated to Robin Williams?
  12. I figured I ought to necro this thread. Has there been any word on Holy Avengers(or any class-restricted items for that matter)?
  13. I dislike romance because to write it successfully, one must be quite lucky, or otherwise be extremely gifted with writing. Planescape did it well, but it ultimately just ended with flirting. Which was nice.
  14. There's nothing mechanically wrong with equipping a barbarian with a shield. You're just trading overall damage output for Deflection bonus. Is that a change from minus Accuracy? or do shields also slow down your recovery time as well as heavier ones reducing accuracy? All shields increase Deflection and slow down Recovery Time. Small shields have no Accuracy penalty. Medium and heavy shields have proportionally higher Deflection bonuses and Accuracy penalties. If you could dual-wield shields, would you get both Deflection bonuses? If so, would the penalty to Recovery Time and Accuracy be nullified due to having no way to attack?
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