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  1. I backed at the $500 level. Got a question about the collectors book, and mine is not signed, and my product listing says it is supposed to be. Not sure if things have changed during this process, so is it still supposed to be signed at this level? Full Color Printed Hardcover Pillars of Eternity Collector's Book signed by the development team.I haven't been keeping up with all the posts, and tried some searches, couldn't find anything regarding it. Not sure if plans had changed or not, so I figured I'd ask. Thanks!
  2. I need to make an in-game memorial, but have no idea what to put. Anyone have any ideas or examples? I'm terrible at this sort of stuff.
  3. From reading your post, it just sounds like you
  4. For an obvious reason, money. However, investors also look at Total Sales. The idea is, I have this exlusive title to my system X, thus you will need to purchase my system in order to play this game. Then since you purchased my system, and my game, now you will purchase more games on my system. Since you, the consumer, consider this as an investment, will buy more titles for my system X. Since they they have to impress the shareholders with sales figures, the idea is to say, we have sold 10 million units of system X, that means each owner and/or family members of those systems will be purchasing games, for those systems. So to boil it all down, you make console exclusives to keep people on your system. Keep in mind, this is coming from my direction, and just guestimating how they would do business...
  5. In the industry I work in, deadlines are always a variable. You start with a set deadline, then it continuosly gets pushed up. The end product doesnt need to be bug free, or even working correctly, as long as it does what it is supposed to do. In all the contracts I see there is nothing that says that the final product needs to be considered 'bug free' or even 'stable'. It just needs to be a product that produces exactly what the requirements section says. People still buy software and games, even though they know they will have bugs and problems. So all that means is that individuals are accepting the issues, and thus creates the trend from a publishers standpoint. Then when individuals find out the software has issues, all you need to do there is create a place for people to vent, and call it 'customer service'. And the BBB isnt going to care, especially for games, as long as there is a customer service area, bugs are an expectation, since the public has excepted it. Since games are considered Entertainment, its just like going to the movies. If you watch a bad movie, do you demand your money back? I know some that have tried, but of course you dont get your money back. Games are in the same category. When it really gets bad, is when you see an obvious bug in the software, but the developer argues that a 'only from a certain point of view' is it a bug. That meaning, you the user consider it a bug, however by mechanics and design of the program, it is not a bug. Unfourtunately that is when you need legal representation to assist you in getting them to admit its a bug, which is always a hassle. Anyway just my $.02 from my experiences...
  6. Not sure about the accuracy but still a good enlighting reading about Black Isle Studios... http://www.gamerswithjobs.com/print.php?sid=811
  7. haha...you'd fit right in over here. 4 hour long boss battles would get you major recognition! If your hands are trembling, body shaking, and are completely exuasted, and ready to pass out, then you are considered an exceptional player. American gamers would think your kinda wacko...lol (w00t)
  8. And thats the thing, if you level'd your characters to extreme proportions, 1 attack wouldnt take your party out. And you would beat the boss quite easily as long as you found its pattern. I live in Japan, and thats the logic the gamers around here have, so I proboly will be having that same logic when it comes to final fantasy. Another thing here is 1 hour or longer boss battles are popular, as it defines "the struggle", thats about the best way I can descibe it. American and Japanese culture is really quite different. Maybe someone else can explain it better then I.
  9. When I think RPG's I think of the days of Baldurs Gate...I have a bad feeling games like that will never exist again. With boss battles that made you think, before combat even started. Sorry, but while the Final Fantasy titles are some great games as well, they dont count. They are designed with story in mind, and how telling the story is more important, then how battles are fought. Boss battles as of late are click boss, click attack, go...
  10. Totally agree...If you were this "wound in the force" then how come you arent ready to face him? I mean, if he cant suck the force from you, and being such a weakling that he is, why not go fight him a level 1? Apparently from a Darth Nihilius standpoint you can become a bad ass sith, and have no idea how to swing a light saber. And if he is such a powerful force sucker, why doesnt he just overun the whole friggin galaxy? Bring death and whatever else, and get it over with. I beat him without any techniques, just clicked on him, and waited about 30 seconds. Didnt even need to heal, what a joke. Sion and Traya, also lame. Sion you talked to death, and Traya just stood there while I beat on her. I least I needed to heal with her and Sion. Also, another flaw, at least from my standpoint. Hardly any baddie in the game used force powers. I mean no force choke, force lighting, I only saw for drain a couple of times, and was force held once, thats it. At least in Kotor1, force powers were in use a lot.
  11. These arent any offical dates or anything, as I got them from gamespot, however Im sure they are close... The release date of Kotor1 was 11/18/2003 Beta patch was released 11/21/2003 Offical patch was released 12/08/2003 The release date of Kotor2 2/08/2005 No idea when information about a patch was released... I thought those dates were interesting.
  12. You will pay the price for your lack of vision! <Force Lightning> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Dammit, just activate all assaintation protocols! And clean up when your done!
  13. Hell yea I could use a loyal Assassination droid!
  14. You are a Jedi Knight...and as such you sworn yourself to the Jedi order, and are to take orders from your leaders and the council! Damn my sense of loyalty... Maybe if/when the patch comes out I'll play DS and give them the single finger salute with a side of eat my @$$
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