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  1. I agree with you totally. To tell you the truth, the only reason the missing 1/4 of the game pissed me off so much was the fact that I was strongly considering this to be my favorite game. Just playing through and having the freedom to influence people and all the old sights (HK47)... the ending ruined all of that. Someone mentioned the Matrix and how many will watch it multiple times. That movie had a great ending, really satisfying. If you look at the movie, it is a complete product... I want this to be clear: THE REASON KOTOR SUCKS is not just because of the "ENDING," an actual
  2. Where would the game go? Why would I have a bad reputation if the game not only sold well, but secure sales for a sequel (because of that whole quality thing) You should check out this game called Half-Life 2... it is pretty fun actually, good physics to play with. Sadly, you are probably right in ways... I guess I just don't want to see my game fall so far from its potential like so many these days (Halo 2 and KOTOR 2). Hey and thanks for your response.
  3. LOL thanks man. Just praying that the inspiration strikes again... I am hopeful, you know? Later you funny guy you
  4. Yes, you have a good point. So it looks like I have two choices: 1. Food 2. Hunger and a reputation for making the best games (that are complete to boot) Both are mighty tempting. I feel myself leaning towards number two, I don't know why though. Heh, I guess that is just me being idealistic, really, who am I kidding? I mean I need to eat, and I don't want to make my publisher angry. I mean... whoever buys the game will still have fun with it right? Editing man, it is all in the editing. I mean, there may be less content but I bet we can just edit out some of the stuff and it w
  5. Guys, what could possibly be spoiled? Here, just warn people to NOT buy this game, that is all anyone can ask of you. Seriously, spread the word that this developer MESSED UP. They cheated us out of what could have been one of the best RPG's made. But hey, deadlines are important, right?
  6. Guys I have this really amazing vision for a videogame. I mean, it could be one of the best ever... on problem: my publisher is telling me they want it NOW. I am not one to compromise art, or be overly submissive in general, but at the same time I am confused. Here is my question... Faced with this difficult deadline, what would YOU GUYS at Obsidian do? Thanks for the time!
  7. You guys did such a good job with KOTOR II... I just finished the game and I was BLOWN AWAY. I have to admit the first 3/4 can be boring and uninspired... but the ending? MY GOD IT WAS GENIUS! I love you guys. Please, please, please make another game. Neverwinter Nights 2? I am buying that the day it comes out. I mean, if KOTOR II was such an improvement over the original then just imagine NWN 2... I can not wait guys Keep up the good work guys. You really saved the KOTOR franchise! Good luck with moving on to, um, "Helping" the Neverwinter Nights games. Nobody really liked the
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