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    Music...not just any music, but music that has some depth. I hate teeny-bobber trash. If it's on the radio there is a chance I won't like it. I also despise censorship!!! Down with Tipper Gore!!!>=| I also like good movies, mostly indie stuff...some hollywood flicks aren't so bad i suppose... And of course video games...maybe a little too much.
  1. Personally i would not mind them remaking the "FULL" KOTOR2 and re-releasing it. I would buy it just for the satisfaction of knowing that when i got around to playing it again it would be a better game without so many plot holes and bugs. Just an idea for the good people of LA to think over....even though they probably don't even know this forum exsists. <_<
  2. Exactly, and then you have the sith masters in the tomb on Dxun. They were a challenge in themselves. (of course i made the mistake of not sending any Jedi with the party on Dxun) :"> In KOTOR1 , the fights got tougher, and the anticipation grew and grew and at the end, you were satisfied with the fact that you had just spent 30 hours of you life on it. In this one though, by the time i found out what the exile truley was...the "wound in the force". I was pretty depressed about the whole situation, and i played it out of some hope that it would all become much more clear in the end. You w
  3. I beat them all using only master heal and master critical strike. The only problem i had with Traya was fighting the floating lightsabers. Couldn't take them all at once. I finally lured them off one at a time. Next time I'm going to do the same thing, except I will only kill one lightsaber and then focus my bigger force attacks on Traya to see if it has anything to do with a different outcome.
  4. Wait......these games have plots?! I knew i was mising something!
  5. The problem with games of today is that they are created for an audiance who want instant gratification. They want to play the game, beat the game, talk trash to thier friends. With games of old though, it wasnt like that. In my opinion, some of the hardest games ever made came out on Nintendo and Atari. Not with this gaming generation though. As long as it has badass graphics, cutting edge sound design with famous people in the voice cast, it will sell a ton! I mean, don't get me wrong, i enjoy playing the games as much as the next guy, but they really took the challenge out and replaced it w
  6. Meanie head... So why nihilus was so weak... Uh, actually I think it was said so many times in the game... Oh well, bloody hell *shrugs* I might as well answer. It was because exile is the wound in the force and these new sith "eat"(bad english, sorry) force through force sensitive person and got stronger this way, but with exile they could not do this. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes yes... gain power by sucking power through force sensitives and all that aside. my point is, If you are going to make his face the biggest and most imposing thing on the box......he better damn b
  7. No, I did play it as an RPG <_< , and i DID understand what little bit of the story was left towards the end...you know the parts where things were missing and all that mess <_< . I just expected him to be tougher is all. I think that he should have atleast come back for a little revenge at the end. Like most great villians in most RPGs. i do however have a question maybe someone can answer. When you talk to Carth at the Citadel Station, he tell's you that if you fin Revan to tell him "he's following his orders." Has anyone happened across Revan or was that cut too?
  8. So, on the cover of the game you see this awesome sith mask and are expecting a "great and epic" battle from this guy. Well, I was anyway. Instead though, you get Darth Nihilus, the pushover! <_< The sith marauder's were tougher than this guy! Darth Sion wasn't that great either! I mean, In KOTOR1 I had to fight Malek at least 5 times to even figure out a good stratagy.......I don't know, I just wish LA hadn't pushed so hard for a holiday release. *busts out "shadows of the empire"* Back to the old school. Just for fun- Malek vs Vader, who would win?? I'm betting Vader. Wha
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