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  1. Thank you very much!! It's a little confusing having to read the journal but it's ok, It works.
  2. Thanks for answer. I have already read the note but still the same. Here is the save. Thanks again. (the file is so big for attach it) https://mega.nz/#!rthBwRaS!0FbqR6HFCHvatVnNtAAAa5gVsEeAKf_rZ5kVTkcDbb0
  3. I have killed everyone in the dungeon but the last note of Uariki don't saved to answer the riddle.
  4. Well sincerely. The beta is still unplayable for me. Lots and lots of major bugs. The combat is still a holy mess, yes, improved holy mess... Disappearing items, disappearing enemies, exasperating handling of the npcs in combat. Dudes there's still a lot of work here... Pretty disappointed. Good points: Improved inventory (yeah!!). Item selection and drop display improved (Minor fix for me)
  5. Oh god, another "Let's make a replica of Baldur's Gate thread". Seriously guys turn the page...
  6. Ok I confused the thread. I want to meant the last one option...
  7. Really annoys me much how people might vote the first option. I think there is no reason to vote it. This option shorts the experience of freedom of the player and make the game as linear as possible... Can anyone give me an example of any epic cRPG game that has this system??
  8. Because pillars of eternity should have been an old IE game in the 2014? Because if go to the kickstarter page i find this So what the **** i should expect ? Where exactly did it read "its baldurs gate 3" or "its a copy of baldurs gate with new tech"? It only says that they are heavily inspired by those games. Some people can't tell you the difference between being and seeming...
  9. This thread makes me sick. Don't know why people with nostalgia can't buy old IE games in GOG and stops this. The game needs a different style. Something new (with old style), but new. I think people make a huge mistake trying to see this as BG3...
  10. More feedback from the battles. Sometimes I don't know wtf it happens. I think it's very important to add different animations for different races and weapons that are being use. I mean... The game needs more feeling of diversity. Right now everything is so flat, sometimes I can't identify my characters in battle or wtf are they doing. It doesn't feel strategy... Looks more like a mess. On the other hand, I don't like the mechanics of chanters, looks confusing and useless out of combat. I think his skills would have to be more dynamic and adaptive. Too monotone at all ...
  11. Ok! Thanks!! I don't know!!! Nope I don't have a hook or anything that could help... The most annoying thing is that If I return to the main level I can't enter the second level anymore... So disturbing...
  12. Well this is my story. First of all, I'm in the ruins of Lle a Rhemen on Sortmwall Gorge: I enter through the tunnel to the second level. At in the end of it I go to the west through the another tunnel. And... 'Taraa!' I'm in the middle of the ocean!!Yeah, this is my party... (obviously buged but with the control of them). Yeah... i'm here. So, i'm gonna make this more funny. I'm traveling to the south... Yap to the lands of *Missing string*... Always at night, what a shame... I hope you have enjoyed my buged adventures. Oh wait!! bonus track!!
  13. In old IE games you (((CANT'T))) level up your main skills killing NPCs or via XP. Only in IWD2, and is for the fake D&D3ยบ rules... Go inform yourself.
  14. I disagree with the title a lot. More like Pillars of Eternity please, but much better.
  15. Wtf? So you believe that you shouldn't get experience for your actions? What's the point? Kill npc's hasn't cost you anything? Seriously no-xp per kill sounds like: "I don't want that leveling by kill NPCs difficults my job of developer." Pretty lazy...
  16. I agree. The old IE inventory with search and sort functions would've been brilliant. Agree. The inventory stash system is very poor and simple.
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