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  1. Thank you very much!! It's a little confusing having to read the journal but it's ok, It works.
  2. Thanks for answer. I have already read the note but still the same. Here is the save. Thanks again. (the file is so big for attach it) https://mega.nz/#!rthBwRaS!0FbqR6HFCHvatVnNtAAAa5gVsEeAKf_rZ5kVTkcDbb0
  3. I have killed everyone in the dungeon but the last note of Uariki don't saved to answer the riddle.
  4. Well sincerely. The beta is still unplayable for me. Lots and lots of major bugs. The combat is still a holy mess, yes, improved holy mess... Disappearing items, disappearing enemies, exasperating handling of the npcs in combat. Dudes there's still a lot of work here... Pretty disappointed. Good points: Improved inventory (yeah!!). Item selection and drop display improved (Minor fix for me)
  5. Oh god, another "Let's make a replica of Baldur's Gate thread". Seriously guys turn the page...
  6. Ok I confused the thread. I want to meant the last one option...
  7. Really annoys me much how people might vote the first option. I think there is no reason to vote it. This option shorts the experience of freedom of the player and make the game as linear as possible... Can anyone give me an example of any epic cRPG game that has this system??
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