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  1. Yeah. TWM overall is a vast improvement to the base game in a variety of ways, but dialogue is a big one. Very few $1 words. Everything is a $10 word.
  2. I'd play the **** out of a Cthulhu dating simulator. ..... noted. It's always nice to see a developer listen to feedback (even if said feedback essentially boils down to "give us moar tentacle pr0n"). It's been something we went back and forth about. A lot of people seem to "be into that", though. We have a list of things that need to be done first, most notably Linux as well as getting on other distribution platforms, so I wouldn't expect anything soon.
  3. I would say that Trump, Kasich and Sanders would be ideal winners. Cruz and Rubio are decent choices and Clinton is probably worse. Trump promises to destroy USA's ability to compete on global market to ensure USA's safety against illegal immigrants from Mexico and Muslims. I predict that his presidency would boost European economy greatly, even if UK closes it borders and exits EU. Trump would destroy everything the USA has been progressive towards. That's not to say he even believes in his own campaign bull****, but the man is a chimp vying to play with a loaded gun. He has absolutely no experience in politics or holding any kind of office and I doubt that he's going to be that easy to coach.
  4. I am pretty meh on the game myself Bryy but not because of the graphics or comedy. It has a broke ass challenge curve that goes from "how you like that stick up your cornhole matey!" to "please PC don't kill me". Games shouldn't be drastically easier the farther you get in them, that was a criticism of Eternity but Divinity OS is twice as bad about it. That isn't a huge shocker though cause Larian has that problem in a lot of games. The story also fell completely flat after leaving Cyseal and just wasn't particularly engaging. The "two players" aspect was also a completely wasted feature unless you really did play the whole game co op. The only thing truly "stand out" about the game was the neat combat system and options. Too bad the broken challenge curve either made combat an unfun slog you had to cheese, or an easy joke where all the options no longer matters. It was only at a "sweet spot" for about half of chapter 1. It will be interesting to see if Larian improved upon any of those in the sequel. I agree with the challenge curve.
  5. I'd play the **** out of a Cthulhu dating simulator. ..... noted.
  6. Yeah, we changed the subtitle to (Not) because people got upset that, in beta, it wasn't.
  7. Wow, so much D:OS hate in here. Not everything needs to be grimdark just cause it is fantasy.
  8. So, not sure if I blabbered to the forums yet, but a while back, I started working on a big idea that then got small and then turned into a different project entirely. Years later, the thing is finally out. World, I give to thee Army of Tentacles. Now on Steam for monetary value. It's not a Cthulhu dating simulator. But it is an H.P. Lovecraft-based RPG-Adventure hybrid set in a visual novel format (hence the dating sim subtitle). Take a look, I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but we're all pretty proud of the product we made. We just put the Mac version up, and are working on Linux and possibly even Tablet.
  9. It's disgusting that Trump is even gonna be the Republican Nominee. Man is a horror story.
  10. Yeah, as long as you can play the game fine and dandy, I have zero issue with microtranscations being in there. Anyone saying otherwise is concern trolling.
  11. I hope the Save Ranger function is put back in sooner rather than later.
  12. Completely ignoring my point. You're a good soldier. Yup, don't even respond to me. Just give the good old "you're just a SJW/whatever buzzword it is today". Me: "History is filled with blood and iron, of which our modern society is built upon. Those acts have created myths with sometimes rosetinted glasses, but they are our foundations, no matter what you think they should be. Trying to change the past is a tool of the useful idiot for its unknown master" You: "Are you saying that genocide is a-ok?!" 'k Nobody is trying to change the past. Like, what did you honestly think is going on here? He did all those things. It's documented. It's proven. Are you saying that simply acknowledging that things went differently than what is popular opinion.... is literally changing the past? Are you honestly saying that we should ignore the full (and actual) story just because a better story was told? That the myth is more important than actual history? You're saying that I'M a tool? By the way, I absolutely love how you're talking about an "unknown master" like you're Fox Mulder.
  13. All of the Elder Scrolls music is quite brilliant.
  14. Did they just plant seeds and all of the sudden we have three new candidates? Jesus, dude. Put a lid on it.
  15. Yeah, this is nigh unplayable right now.
  16. How so? The system requirements are way beyond me.
  17. Completely ignoring my point. You're a good soldier. Yup, don't even respond to me. Just give the good old "you're just a SJW/whatever buzzword it is today".
  18. Star Wars: Battlefront is destroying my computer.
  19. Moral standards of yesteryear? So, the subjugation and genocide of a society/civilization is a-okay because.... more people were prejudice than there are today?
  20. If you consider actual history full of SJWs, then sure.
  21. So you're annoyed that one group that has the ability to strike is currently striking over another group that currently doesn't? I don't see where you're getting your indignation for the current situation.
  22. Wait, so you're saying anyone that drops out of the runnings for a job is a traitor...
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