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  1. So all I need to do now is to go to the top right area? Well, the quest does need more hints...
  2. I've bought the best hull and sail way before The Coming Storm quest started and now I cannot advance the quest by myself. Don't want to meddle with those stupid factions anymore...
  3. You can easily sneak through undercoft without triggering anyone, simply using the rope and avoiding talking to the thug on the other side. However, the few thugs in delver's row seem to be unavoidable. Killing them won't cancel any quests, though you'll receive -3 reputation in delver's row. Make sure don't accidentally hit any npc like I did...
  4. Even Taerna started to attack me after I attacked Harker... seriously I was just trying to free her from her debt... Btw cannot let teammates negotiate for me in a situation like this feels absurd as well. Eder/ Xoti's (my diplomats) money is no different than mine...
  5. I've fired at least 20 cannonballs at 35% hit rate and all of them missed. The possibility of this is lower than 0.02% so I guess something must be off...
  6. Is this intended or a bug? Example: a random encounter in the Gullet where you help a girl named Kusi fighting monsters. If you charmed one of the mobs it will attack Kusi and turn her into hostile.
  7. Was exploring the Gullet, went to Old City Ruin and found the entrance to Undercroft. Continued exploring then suddenly everyone started to attack... Btw, cipher's whisper of treason seems even more broken than before. A 30sec stun effect in the worst case...
  8. it seems specific elemental damage reduction doesnt matter at all.. maybe immunity can block the second damage but i cannot find a easy way to examine it (conjure blight is combat only wtf)
  9. It says +25% burning damage, but how is this damage interacting with the damage reduction? It did not change the weapon's damage type and I noticed only one damage in the combat log, then how does the different element matter..
  10. didnt notice the option to remove a henchman in tavern, where is it? It seems IE mod for 2.02 hasn't released yet QAQ
  11. How can a ranger match the dps of a cipher or rogue? If you are high level, I suggest using paladin and chanter as tanks. Fighter, monk and barbarian are tankier but they lack the versatility of paladin and chanter. In my opinion, a good party should have 2 front line tankers, 2 second line casters equipped with hatchet and shield (wizard sucks so use a priest and a druid here) 2 3rd line damage dealers with 3 con and 3 res ( 2 ciphers would be good. lots of cc and huge damage output)
  12. I already chose "high level", the encounter was still not challenging at all..
  13. by saying "dismiss" I mean firing them permanently, not leaving them at the stronghold.. there is the stupid 8 adventurer limit
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