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  1. Only reason i like romantic subplots is because by their very nature they tend to be exclusive to that playthrough, so there i have another part of a set of choices I'm gonna make in the next run. It encourages more playthroughs.
  2. Ok guys, if this was all a ruse to get money for hookers and blow you can stop pretending now.
  3. This must have been a pain in the ass for you guys to figure out a week from release.
  4. Is it a bit optimistic of me to hope the documentary releases before the game? Love it already.
  5. I'll take door number one Mr. Badler. I wasn't going to use the game disc either way. I got a signed collectors edition and there's a look but don't touch policy on it, so the digital version will be ideal in my case. Hell , I'd take a no disc approach with only a wooden carving of the games gog key.
  6. Called it so hard. I'm fine with it, always said i was.
  7. Being honest doesnt nullify the fact that you are a dip****.
  8. Bit late in answering but a lot of people were complaining during early stages of the early access, but the same people started saying it was awesome once a certain patch hit.
  9. Really wish someone in the know could answer this or at least tell us its under investigation.
  10. Really like the backstories on the creatures, i hope theres some sort of encyclopedia in the game i can delve a bit into.
  11. I like this idea. Someone relay this to someone important, i got money on the line here!
  12. That would be awesome if it was the case. Though i somehow doubt im that lucky.
  13. If you live inside of EU then you will probably don't need to worry about tariffs as Paradox, which is PoE's publisher, is Swedish company and therefore they probably ship goods that going in EU from inside of boarders of EU, which mean that there will not be any tariffs or taxes. If you live outside of USA and EU then you are probably had to pay taxes and tariffs for that sum what Paradox ask for collector edition and it shipping, which is probably about $150, which means that you will need to pay about $37.50 VAT and tariffs that your country asks. Of course depending on what courier Parado
  14. Ever since i first put money into this project and selected the signed collectors edition i have been wondering how the physical goods are gonna be shipped and how they will be "classified", for lack of a better word, during shipping. I'll explain why this is important, at least to me. My country has a very low value treshold for importing foreign goods for personal use. Anything above about 35$ you have to pay a fee for clearing it through customs and some 25% of the goods' value. What exactly is going to determine the goods' value when i didn't directly purchase them? Is it going to be the
  15. Someone nuke this thread already. The decision has been made, they heard the promancers pleas but have no time to implement it. You can hope for an implementation of this in a future PoE installment, but for now just deal with it.
  16. Sweet baby jesus I've been wanting to try out the beta. I didnt expect to get it though since i got it through our own kickstarter. A thousand thanks
  17. I gotta say ASoIaF struck that golden middle point for me, it's loosely based on the War of the Roses so that sort of explains it. Besides that, anyone wanting to make this sort of world should read Dan Carlin's books Hardcore History. He doesnt leave out the ugly middle bits that tends to get lost in the big picture of history.
  18. Have their names been revealed or are we still speculating wildly on which ones it will be? We should assume villages and castles/forts are likely precluded. Defiance Bay seems like a very likely candidate, given its historical significance. The second big city was included in the 3,5 million stretch goal if you didn't know or remember. I apologize in advance if this has already been covered, searching yielded few results. Defiance Bay was already being worked on in update #62. I suppose the real question is what is the second big city? Defiance Bay is the capitol of and the largest
  19. I love this discussion though I'm far too low-level to comment on any specific authors. I do find the world building very satisfying up til this point though, it's getting meatier and avoids the more grievous of cliches and stereotypes. Hopefully the game wont be too "gamey" and strike a balance in how it immerses us in its world. I'm hoping it wont go too high fantasy nor be afraid to step into the darkest recesses of our nature.
  20. i would prefer that they took their time but apparently they are intent on releasing it in the promised quarter. If they feel it works then so be it. Lets just hope their QA is sufficient.
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