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Because giant spiders are awesome.

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Pillars of Eternity Josh Sawyer's Quest: The Quest for Quests - an isometric fantasy stealth RPG with optional combat and no pesky XP rewards for combat, skill usage or exploration.

PoE is supposed to be a spiritual successor to Baldur's GateJosh Sawyer doesn't like the Baldur's Gate series (more) - PoE is supposed to reward us for our achievements


"Josh Sawyer created an RPG where always avoiding combat and never picking locks makes you a powerful warrior and a master lockpicker." -Helm, very critcal and super awesome RPG fan

"I like XP for things other than just objectives. When there is no rewards for combat or other activities, I think it lessens the reward for being successful at them." -Feargus Urquhart, OE CEO

"Didn’t like the fact that I don’t get XP for combat [...] the lack of rewards for killing creatures [in PoE] makes me want to avoid combat (the core activity of the game)" -George Ziets, Game Dev.

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Ok, successfully linked my forum account with the eternity site and got my pledge to show in the list. Answered the question about what the extra $8 was for (the "Order") and I noticed I can now select various badges from drop downs on my forum profile. Backer, Silver backer, Gold Backer and Watcher... what is a "watcher"? :unsure:

funny, I did the same thing, it's shown now as "donation" but I did not get that menu. Maybe I did something wrong. Anyway it's now listed as "ok" with the big green checkmark and I cannot edit it, so I hope I didn't do anything wrong. At least it's listed along with my digital game only tier.

Remember: Argue the point, not the person. Remain polite and constructive. Friendly forums have friendly debate. There's no shame in being wrong. If you don't have something to add, don't post for the sake of it. And don't be afraid to post thoughts you are uncertain about, that's what discussion is for.
Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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I have some reservations about the music, but overall I'm really liking what I see. Speaking about music, the devs should really do an update about sound and music. That is more important to me than graphics, and I would really like to hear some samples from Justin, which shows what kind of music will we have in PoE.


I also hope the game will be heavy on ambient sounds, just like the PE games. I want to hear the sound of the city in the background, and the chatter and music in taverns.

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J_C from Codexia

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