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  1. This. However, plenty of people see problems everywhere. Reminds me of this:
  2. That's quite an absolute statement. Nevertheless, have you actually watched her series? All it does is point out sexist tropes in videogames and explain why they're sexist. Honestly, from what I recall, I didn't think she went far enough i.e. examining the how's and whys such tropes manifest and continue and the societal implications there of. Given the butthurt it's probably for the best she didn't. Have you forgot that she claims her views as absolute truth, caliming scientific studies support her (she never provides evidence, and the one single time I recall her mentioning an actu
  3. Greeting, my gamergatehq brother My heart is filled with opressive joy when meeting fellow compatriots outside of the Cathedral of Mysoginy. Please remember to pray at the altar of Patriarchy every day.
  4. I've ran into an amazing FREE game in the making I never knew this fan-made game existed, but it exactly what it sez on the tin. You guide your chapter to glory or ruin. http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Chapter_Master_%28game%29 SCREENSHOTS PICTS: http://i.imgur.com/0FufKr9.png http://i.imgur.com/D45aBwi.png Also, BEHOLD the most heavily defended planet in the Imperium: https://media.8ch.net/tg/src/1433073548729.jpg
  5. Nine months. Nice fact checking there.... Also, you seem to miss the concept of critical mass. Gamers have been raising a fuss about crappy journalism ages ago too, but it never reached the boiling point.
  6. B.t.w alu, no one cares about Zoe. What started GamerGate was the coordinated censorship and vilification that happened afterwards. (are we imagining that one?) Had people been able to just normally vent and moan about it, it would have blown over in a few days. But no, the journos and the incestuous clique overplayed their hands and the Streisand effect took off in full. Now the industry is burning and it is GLORIOUS. It was a long time coming.
  7. Gromnir, thou can go stick thine holier-than-thou stick back in yon ass, if the only thing thou aims to add to this thread is insults of others people intelligence. I played a lot of PnP and RPG,s and I read well, thank you very much. The entrie thing felt forced as a point of no return. FFS, the Dozens quests give you options to LIE to them, or never give them those weapons! So no, the game DOES NOT communicate the choice is final well. Plenty of people obviously missed it. Faction X will not like it? Faction X does not have to like everything I do. Is what I did that big a dea
  8. How is "this killed my playtrough" not a valid reason? Think of it in BG2 terms. Suppose I was playing BG2, the Order of the Radiant Heart loves me, and I decide to take a side job for the thieves guild that involes exploring ruins (not stealing). There's something they want there that might hurt the OrH, and I agree to retrieve it. I can keep it for myself, I can LIE about the items to the Thiefs Guild. (the only option lacking is giving it to the OrH) So why is the OrH so mad at me over this? So yes, being declared hostile or an enemy to a faction without actually doing anythin
  9. I kinda just did. PoE is on hold, as I do other stuffand play other games. The breaking point was the faction "choice" that locked me out of my perfered faction. I don't want to play from the start again and I don't want to go further with the other 2 factions either. After that I wasn't able to bring myself to continue playing. Does aynone know if I can console cheat to get around that?
  10. I wanted to hear a lot of things in these discussions from you Bruce, but you never delivered. So why should we now? As someone said eariler - I'm not convinced you're posting in good faith anymore. You want? Why should I even care what you want at this point? As for SJW influence - it did ruin quite a few games with pointless pandering. It is possible the games would have sucked without it, but I guess we'll never know.
  11. The power of Partiarchy grows! The Pope is one of us ! ONE OF US!
  12. That's not what he said. He said "they wont' like it". Someone not liking what you're doing and becoming your enemy, and you doing an errand for someone and declaring your eternal allegiance are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. You keep saying it's clear. Yet the sheer fact that so many people complain it's clear indication that it is not. And yes, the second thing is also a problem. I did not complete the quest, I just said "Yeah, I could do that".
  13. Yeah...no. Comparisons along a certain point are valid. Always. Regardless how much you dislike them. Ever heard of a term "grammar natzi"? Whay don't you go on a crusade against anyone using it? could it be that you realized that the point of comparison is blind/zealous obedience to a strict set of rules that MUST be enforced? I'm gonna use femniatzi if I want and you can cry "no intellectual integrity" all you want. Maybe you should look in the mirror b.t.w.
  14. Badly scripted. Makes no sense. I made no outright hostile move, but I'm locked out. Just for saying "You need something fetched from a ruin? Ok, I could look into that." I didn't even do the quest. Just talked to the guy. Hell, that other group is still watiing for me somewhere in the forest. Where are the options to double cross or switch sides? W.E.A.K.
  15. Who can forget the discussion between Minsc and that pirate king?
  16. It would be nice for people to get together and share their knowledge and tricks.
  17. It makes little sense and the warning is barely there. I played RPG's since the early MUD's, so no, I wasn't skipping on reading. I SHOULD be able to join the knights, since I did nothing aginst them. Heck, I didn't even do the job, nor did I promise any sort of loyalty to the dozens. And how would the knights magically know anyway? LOGICALLY, it makes no sense. I made no direct move against them, it's ntohing taht cannot be cleared. Regardless, it seems poorly implemented/written. And this makes me raging mad. Friggin ruined my playtrough... Hope the patch fixes this. Otherwi
  18. They pretty much said "the cruicible Knights won't like it". That's it. So no, it's NOT clear. Not in the least. Why am I, a neutral mercenray, suiddenly personana non-grata? Why the hell id it an insourmantable obstacle, when I have a excellent relations with the Knights? A fetch/exploration job is treated as a decelaration of utter loyalty. How can one expect loyalty out of me when I was never invited to be part of the group to bein with? there never was a "Do you want to join us?" with the knights. And the Dozen seem like a loose group. They organize contracts and expeditions, so
  19. How to improve it? 1) Have fights take place all over. Not always in the same room. A proper siege with a proper army attacking, and not 5 skeletons! 2) Give buildings proper functions. Not the stupid rest bonuses. Training grounds - all your hirelings get a might buff Tower - removes fog of war or adds a ballista or something Hedge Maze - all enemies start slowed? 3) The ability to rest from the main grounds, wihtout having to suffer troug 4 loading screens as you go into the building, to the top floow, rest, go down, go out. 4) Genereally more life to it. Invite people to
  20. Not yet. I want to join the knights. Who wrote this? Seriously? Why does no one ASK me if I want to join? But noooo.. it's "hey, I got a simple fetch quest for you. You accept? Great, you are now a member of our group and the guys that love you now hate your guts despite you doing nothing but helping them."
  21. Keep is luckluster. NWN2 did it A LOT better. Proper sieges. Proper choices. The entire Stronghold seems rushed and not well planned. All fights take place in the same room, half the upgrades are pointless or have weird effects. How about the training grounds giving a permanent buff to my troops? I'm building a tower to get +1 PER for resting. HOW THE HELL DOES THAT WORK? Shouldn't a tower have proper tower-like functions? Like extending FOW durin sieges/defenses? Like mounting a ballista? And to do something as simple as rest, one has to go trough 3 loading screens! (not coun
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