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  1. Aha, ok. So the fix is on 1.06 as well then. Will test as soon as I can.
  2. When checking out Pillars of Eternity on the Mac App store, I noticed it's on version 1.07 which has fixes for external monitors on OSX. The latest version on Steam however is 1.06. What's up? I want to play on external monitors too!
  3. Why is the version on OSX App Store 1.07? It says it has fixes for external monitors on OSX which I would love to have, but the version on Steam is only 1.06?
  4. I know OSX is a small platform for games, but come on! Six patches and nothing to help us out? Not only the crash bug, but also we can't play on external displays. Also, I would like to see the touchpad get some love. How about scrolling with touchpad eh?
  5. Suggested fix right now is to bring down graphics quality to minimum. That seems to work. It still would be nice to have an update from the devs though...
  6. Ok, this bug is STILL HERE in 1.05. My game just crashed when going into a new area.
  7. I don't have any bootcamp installation to compare to, but I don't think I have a steady 60 fps. It's quite smooth, but not buttery smooth How do I check fps?
  8. Is this not fixed in the 1.05 patch either? It's a pretty serious bug, and it's mentioned on the Mac app as well, but I can't see it in the patch notes?
  9. I don't see anything about the OS X crash bugs? Are those being worked on? Also, please make it possible to use an external display on OS X! Other than that, looks like a fantastic patch.
  10. Are you playing on a second screen? If so, try disconnecting it and play just on your macbook. That worked for me.
  11. Yeah, the problem is that this bug is so intermittant. Sometimes it happens every restart, sometimes I can play normally for hours.
  12. Confirmed, still happens for me too.
  13. Yeah, it seems that exiting full screen works. But I want to play in full screen
  14. I noticed that after the installation of the 1.0.3 patch my game was suddenly set to max resolution for my retina screen which introduced a quite bit of lag. I didn't change the setting, the patch did. The weird thing is that the graphics settings were set to 1080p i think, but it clearly wasn't that resolution. I changed it to something more fitting which made the game smooth, but I can't switch back to 1080, that option is now gone. So, basically, something is off in the OSX implementation of Unity.
  15. Any update from the devs on this issue? It's pretty damn annoying. Right now I can't play the game at all, every time I save it crashes. But then sometimes on the fifth or eight restart, everything works.
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