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  1. With dead cats! Because, little balls of fur are too cute for that B-)!
  2. I've always be a sucker for additional content. But in a good way. When it is optional, that is the best choice because all the gamers are not like me and don't want to run in every corner of the world to have a team with appropriated levels. But if I like a game, I can spend so much time in random or secret dungeons or anything else that can make me build a team of Demigods...
  3. A floating skull *Hey chief..." Sorry but PsT stuffs seems like tons of fun, a portal to Sigil, a severed arm with some strange tattoos, a Modron. After all in BG2 there was Sigil stuffs.
  4. It seems like it is a lot more easier to be an idiot and say what we want from behind a screen. But, there is a lot of people that are not so bad and make these jokes only in an humorous way. I agree that it does not show a good image of us, but I have seen so many terrible things on the net...
  5. I will only say one thing. If you make a romance as good as the one with Annah in PsT, it is all good for me!
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