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  1. If it is done good whey not there where romance done good or even great in games but only if they be normal not in your face EAware style. BG2 was first game that had romance and it was great you could choose between Aerie, Jaheira and Viconia(best ever written) if you where men if you where woman you get Anomen so it was not so good:) We get many others good examples and to be fair many bad, but do them if you can and want not because you have too. PS. If you make romance in game make Pallagina romanceble i want answer to Hiravias question:)
  2. Just find the way to get quest going you have to save before talk with Dragon and talk with about him staying not attacking him you get update to the quest then reload save and next time when talk with dragon choice attack option after he is dead i got an update. PS. Sorry for bad English it not my first language
  3. Have the same bug after killing the Sky Dragon quest not going forward, i can hear the sound of quest update but nothing happening still is on Challenge the Beast.
  4. Will Silver or higher backers need to pay for second part of The White March? I don't know if anyone ask before but i just want to know simple yes or no for devs will be great or if it was answered before then it would be great.
  5. What about the Novella that Chris was spouse to write it more then 2 month after the release of Pillars of Eternity and there is no update on his work and now that Chris leaving Obsiadian i want to know if he even going to end it.
  6. I have only one question will he end the novella that was is backer rewards.
  7. As i like it there is one thing that need to be sad Like Freaking Really?
  8. Quick question about the game on 26 when the game going to be release will out Backers beta will change in to full game or we will have to download the Pillar of Eternity as new game? PS. Sorry for bad english.
  9. Ty Kaz for answer it great news. PS. I'm asking because you can not like achievements and stuff like that but there are players out there that will not buy the game if they not there, that how gaming change and if some of you look closely i'm the Silver Badge and already be having 2 copy's of PoE;) and it will make more copy of game sold which mean PoE 2;)
  10. Will Pillars of Eternity have day 1 achievements on Steam or it will be like Wasteland 2 and will get it after some patching?
  11. Remember 2 things, there have to be a part of forum with Spoilers some people with run in some troubles sometime they will not know it is an bug or something else and secondly there will be trolls that will want to ruins the game for other players.
  12. We want to help you Obsidian we give a lot of money so this project was complete so give as the silver and gold( and above) players to see the real game sooner so there we less bugs ye we know you want to be fair but if your game is buggy again then it is only your fault we need to see Stronghold companions and other things.
  13. Actually i thing a month before game going gold we the people that have backers beta should get the real version beta of the game so we can check it for bugs or anything that should be fixed i know that that what all that the Obsidian team doing but it never too many people to help make game better.
  14. That great news i only wish that this version of beta will repair the disarm trap bug. One more thing will we get the same version as Josh played last time on Twitch?
  15. Some new stuff + video with commentary from Josh http://uk.ign.com/articles/2014/07/24/pillars-of-eternity-seems-to-push-all-the-right-rpg-buttons
  16. Seriously this topic is still on there will by no Romance in PoE so get over it i count for mods to make some good romance into game like in BG2 some where great and it make me play it many more time, some where terrible but few where great and NPC mod to ID1 where good too. For the people that against the romance in PoE it not Bioware game you can say no and at least for me it can give new perspective of gameplay. For proromancers be real Obsidian is not making the best romance so it somewhat good that there will not be one:) if Chris write romance it would be bad don't make him do it so:). PS. Sorry for bad English PS2. Chill out people pro- or against- romance people this is not RPGcodex so make it good.
  17. Whey almost always people that pledge no money are the most complaining don't like it then go somewhere else i pledge 165 $ and i can't wait to play beta to see the game.
  18. I think that we will hear about beta in Update 83 not the one that will be soon but next one and more or less we get beta around Update 85. That what i write in other topic but more or less it came true;)
  19. I actually agree with most of AJ review expect DA 2 but interview is good and it will show PoE to more people.
  20. I agree George Ziets's ideas for a BG3 is looking great at last something new.
  21. I think that we will hear about beta in Update 83 not the one that will be soon but next one and more or less we get beta around Update 85.
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