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I thought the trailer was kind of poor as in, it zooms around a lot and changes views. I wish it just had a solid 30 seconds with the UI of characters as you'd see in the actual game, but I guess I don't know if they're at the stage to do that. However it looks very nice!

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Yeah, there seems to be a lot of data issues with the site right now. I was hesitant to finalize my order as the options included didn't look right, but I did anyway, figuring Obsidian wouldn't have the audacity to try get away with removing items that they previously said would be included in my tier.

"Now to find a home for my other staff."
My Project Eternity Interview with Adam Brennecke

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Wow ! The teaser is really cool, the game looks fantastic despite it's still in development !

I knew you'll make an old fashioned RPG Game respectuous of the "Baldur's gate" serie, I'm proud to be a kickstarter investor for this project ! ;)


OUTSTANDING WORK GUYS ! Obsidian is a really trustworthy company who doesn't prostitute itself to make calibrated games with rules and gameplay dictated by the trend and the game market: it's a rare quality nowadays.

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Hi guys,


good to see that the game is coming along nicely. A know it's a huge work, I don't if the animations have been finalized yet, and I don't want to be bitching, but I couldn't help but notice a few things:

  1. The characters in the video are moving like small robots on speed. From the scene where the party is running at 0:35-0:40.
    • everybody moves to the same rhythm
    • everybody runs the same way, class/armor/stats/etc. nonwithstanding
    • also, they could look around now and then, appreciating the scenery or looking out for ambush
  2. In the aforementioned scene, it seems as if the characters were looking down, instead of forward.
  3. The characters must be super tough, as they don't even seem to realize when they are hit in battle.

I hope these issues can be fixed with not too much effort (and that 1/1 is not a limitation of Unity...).

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Is-is that a vagina?



With a name like "Moorc¤ck," it must be...

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Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt. - Julius Caesar


:facepalm: #define TRUE (!FALSE)

I ran across an article where the above statement was found in a release tarball. LOL! Who does something like this? Predictably, this oddity was found when the article's author tried to build said tarball and the compiler promptly went into cardiac arrest. If you're not a developer, imagine telling someone the literal meaning of up is "not down". Such nonsense makes computers, and developers... angry.

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Sadly, I am being plagued by this error:


An error occurred processing your order. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact us.


As others have stated before when placing my order.


What browser you are using? For some reason when I try to check out with Avant Browser using chrome's engine I got that message, but when I switched to use Chrome itself I didn't have any problems and check out went through without any issues. 

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