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  1. The wolves are there to tell the player "Listen to the prick when he is trying to explain the game UI to you who don't read manuals". These videos are more fun than they are supposed to.
  2. Voted for Youtube video. But now I remember his PE update with the shaky camera. Hoping it will not be all like that Either way this will be fun.
  3. Regarding inventory and the ability to "loot everything they find that isn't bolted down." This makes me so happy. Oh yeah, and Happy Holidays to you!
  4. While I appreciate the OP's motivation for the post, I have to say pirates will be pirates. There is no 100% effective DRM. Even MMOs have pirate servers running the game. Not only that, there was some backlash at the beggining of the PE kickstarter becausse they did not come out the gate committed to no DRM copies (I think only Steam was mentioned and there are people who don't like the service for whatever reason). The GoG forums had several people refusing to back it until there was that little exchange of pics on Twitter stating PE would be on GoG, DRM-free. So I do not back any ex
  5. I would like it to be balanced and make sure every party member pulls their own weight and are capable within their class/abilities. Having an uber-awesome PC is not good either. The one thing I hated about DA2 is that I spent 1/2 my time controlling Anders instead of Hawke because he was the only healer in the party and was easy to kill. And to my surprise over the entire game, Hawke on AI would not die no matter what (including the final 2 boss fights!). Why bother then :/
  6. I turned that off as soon as I figured out I could do it. The most horrible part is that there would always be blood on people's teeth and that creeped me out.
  7. I always play cleric first when I can. Since it seems Priest is the equivalent in PE, that's the class I'm going to try first. But if chests/locks are only pickable by rogues (sigh, DA series), that will change quite quickly to rogue. I like stealing stuff in games
  8. I think BSN adds a small icon to threads where devs have commented on. Would be a nice addition just to give a quick visual.
  9. I personally don't mind gore, some of the funnest moments for me in FO:NV were the ones when people exploded after I'd hit them with an energy weapon, taking other people with them (including my companions) and crippling myself. But there should be a setting to turn it off, for people who want to play the game but don't like gore. This should not be that hard to implement.
  10. Didn't Bethesda try to sue Notch for the word "Scrolls"? Sigh.... So not out of the realm of possibilities.
  11. I lurk around on BSN, Valve forums and RPGCodex. Obsidian forums are very friendly and reasonable compared to those. But OP's point is appreciated, we should try to keep the discussions at a higher level and not devolve into name-calling.
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