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  1. Don't remember who posted it, but they said all items have been shipped, but the display in the backer portal hasn't updated to it yet. This includes Air Delivery from Obsidian to Paradox for shipment to the those outside of the US. As for what shipment type, unknown. Haven't heard anything about that.
  2. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71574-redeeming-keys-and-rewards-how-to/
  3. The extra copies are only the base game. You will only get 1 Royal. The Royal you get is your copy from the physical tier match to your pledge. So like me you would get 5 Hero Editions and 1 Royal.
  4. Which digital orders? Things like the almanac and stuff like that? If so, that hasn't been released yet. I believe someone mentioned about it being released either on the 25th, or when the game goes live on the 26th. Right now the only digital thing released is the key claiming.
  5. Thats how i understood it too, not that i will run into that problem, but how would one patch those Versions ? (im aware of how patching works, but not sure how its solved in this case) I would hope that they had a patch on the site for those backers that got the DRM free copy. Hopefully.
  6. I might have gotten confused by the conversation. From what I have read, unless I read it wrong, is that backers copies are completely DRM free and no tied to Steam or GoG or anything. It is only physical copies that are being sold retail that are tied to Steam. Sorry if I am wrong or getting confused, it is early in the morning and I should be asleep.
  7. Nope, box copy = steam Wrong. Backer Copy = DRM free copy of the game. Any retail copy sold - not backer copies - are Steam only. Just to corret this. Edit: Unless I am getting confused by the conversation... It is 2 in the morning here. If you buy a retail copy the game is locked to Steam only. If you backed for a physical copy it is DRM free. Hope I am not confusing anyone or myself.
  8. From my understanding, yes. The backer copy is a DRM free copy of the game that is separate from the Steam or GoG key you will get from the backer portal. Are all the digital rewards tied to the generated key or are they tied to the backer portal account? I wouldn't want to give away all the goodies with the digital key. Digital rewards are separate from the keys. You won't be giving away your goodies if you give your extra key copies (which are just base game) to friends or family or whoever. The only goodies tied to a key are if you pledged for a tier that got tied to one of the other editions like Royal or Champion(?). But even then, the rewards are still going to be downloadable in your backer portal regardless of what you do with any game cd key.
  9. Wow, talk about lucky! I backed the NPC one and only got 6! I call shenanigans and want extra keys too!!!! j/k well not really, I would love extra keys :D
  10. From my understanding, yes. The backer copy is a DRM free copy of the game that is separate from the Steam or GoG key you will get from the backer portal.
  11. Hmm, I only have two base game keys. I'll look into later and see if there's something amiss. I was corrected. I forgot which price point started Gold tier backers. $1000 gold tier backers are the ones that got 5 extra keys. Did correct my previous post.
  12. Just to play the pedant: that's gold backers at the $1000 tier. The $750 and $500 gold backers only get one copy of the game. Thanks for that correction. Forgot what price point started what color backer.
  13. Yes, Gold Backers get 5 additional base game keys, and then the Royal Edition key which is to match up to our pledge reward. Correction: Gold backers at $1000 get the 5 extra keys.
  14. Well, I did get keys, but those were the extra keys. Doesn't include the one that would be generated with my tier matching. Edit: Nevermind, it just took longer to generate the tier matching key.
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