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  1. Any chance of getting GNU/Linux support? And macOS support, for that matter?
  2. - In the music section, "So sprict das Leben" should be "So spricht das Leben" - The band is "Frölich Geschray", with an "ö", and not "Frolich Geschray" - In the voices section, the Critical Role peeps all have their characters listed, but Sam Riegel doesn't have Scanlan Shorthalt listed there
  3. Me, I'm just going to wait until they're all out before I play the game. I mean, I'll probably start it on release day, mess around in the character creator for 2 hours, play for like 30 minutes, and then I'll stop and wait.
  4. I backed using the backer portal, there's no "confirming". Confirming is for fig backers.
  5. Hmm, I backed with PayPal via the Backer Portal (obviously after the fact, on Feb 28, order ID PM7HONUKMAU1V). Do I get a badge? If so, how?
  6. There's a technical issue on why they're cut short: there's two way to tag MP3 files, called ID3v1 and ID3v2. Those can also be combined, so you can have a file that has both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. In short, ID3v1 has a limitation on the number of characters you can put in the title (and artist, and album) field, 30 characters [1]. Which is exactly your cut-off point there. ID3v2 removes that limitation. What does that mean for your files there? There's two possibilities: 1) Either, they're missing ID3v2 tags. In which case, that could/should be fixed on Obsidian's side. 2) Or you
  7. Well, I just got my discount code email. According to the email headers, that mail wasn't held up anywhere either; it was really just sent off. Weird. Since I can't back on Fig (no credit card) and would need a PayPal option, I'm not sure I can even use that code, though.
  8. Well, so does FMOD, .fsb files (fmod sound bank, I guess). There are FLOSS extractors for both FMOD and Wwise sound banks. Wwise's ones are a bit more complicated, I think, because they do something weird with the Ogg Stream inside their banks, while FMOD is a bit more straight-forward (except they use non-standard codec value in the RIFF headers for ADPCM'd files). Or at least that's what happened in FMOD/Wwise in Dragon Age: Origins (FMOD) and Dragon Age II (Wwise). Might be later versions of FMOD/Wwise change that, dunno.
  9. Thanks for asking! Ah, okay, Wwise. Hmmkay. ( As for the second part of that sentence: no, it does not. Wwise does exactly the same conceptually as FMOD (they're direct competitors), they usually don't have to work in conjuction. Or rather, it usally even makes no sense whatsoever to use both of them. Going for the common car analogy: think of one as a diesel engine, one as a gasoline engine. They both do the same thing, burning fuel to provide motion (*). There's some subtle differences, but unless you build a car (and ignoring filling up the tank), you don't need to know ab
  10. I'm 100% in favour of romances. I'm also fundamentally against what the against-BioWare-tribe, for the most part, stands for. And I reject the notion that it's some kind of dichotomy between "hardcore" and "romance". However, what I want is for something that goes way further than most games with romances offer. I don't just want early stage of getting to know one another, then boinking, then the romance is "won" and you don't hear anything about it anymore. That shouldn't be the end, that should just be the start. Having them end there skews reality too much and sends the wrong signal.
  11. No. I can't comment on the Fig campaign, because I haven't backed. I have no credit card; I need a PayPal option. And if that's not integrated with Fig, I won't be able to comment there then either (same as with Kickstarter). On the other hand, my money is rather tight at the moment, so maybe it's better I can't back...
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