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  1. so if you've got a physical game, you get 3 key's in total? And if so, what version is inside the CE box?
  2. Then you've had access to W2 for a few months now. My W2 key was included with my Torment pledge and I got my key a while ago from inexile. how? lol, found it, will that beta key get normal key when the game is released, or do I have to fetch a new one by then?
  3. nope, still forbidden for me. can now. Crap, I thought I had Wasteland 2 in my tier, guess not....
  4. If I promise my clients something by the end of the month, I can't afford to say it will take a few months (years?) longer. If i would do that, I won't have to work anymore, since I would not get any clients anymore. It is not because they have our money they should not keep their promises. Sure the release of the game wil be postponed, I can really live with that (they do have a lot of extra work to do, where we (clients) asked for), and that they don't know how much later the release will be, is fine as well. A site for people manage their pledges might be a "minor" thing compared to the game, but if they can't even deliver that as promised, I don't want to know how many years beyond 2015 we have to wait to get a game (if we get one) "soon" should never be Blizzard soon.
  5. I prefer trust. If they can't manage to keep the promise of a backersite, how will they ever be able to make a complex game?
  6. I am getting impatient for the lack of the fulfilment site that supposed to be up like 5 months ago. I don't care for baby's born and other stuff. If a project manages to raise $4.000.000 they should hire someone to build that site if no one currently working for obsidian isn't able to.
  7. La Trappe the only dutch Trappist, very good indeed. My current favorite beer is Sint Bernardus Abt 12 though.
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