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  1. Where has he ever said that? He has stated he doesn't play games, but that doesn't equate to him hating them. To add to this he literally let Overkill license his image for Payday 2 and he also voices said character, a biker named Rust. Surely if he hates game he wouldn't do that? Money? I mean it's his job.
  2. There are going to be so many "interesting" names. We are going to need a way to export the map when we finish the game.
  3. It may be a good time to remember that the forum population may not be representative of the game's players.
  4. This is true. But hard to avoid, given how easy it is to troll a hashtag, either the opposition or a third group. The first step would be to stop using that hashtag. When evidence of corruption in game journalism is presented it is important to state that you oppose sexism, threats and violence against feminist and gemedevs. Trolls must be starved.
  5. GamerGate is tainted with sexism. There are people with valid concerns about game journalism. But They are doing themselves a disservice by associating with the sexist of GamerGate. As long as this association continues the concerns can be easily brushed aside.
  6. Very true I have looked into GamerGate I have found very disturbing stuff. And let's face it: "Paid" reviews are not going away as long as game journalism requires ad revenue to be operational.
  7. I don't care about the number of attributes. Yes. One attribute. It should depend on an attribute. Yes. It should depend on strength.
  8. Is the badge exclusive to Kickstarter? Or should people who used PayPal during the Kickstarter timeframe get it too?
  9. Hi, I used the opportunity the backer site offered to join the Order. I'd like to be Lord President of the Obsidian Order. @Praemorior: Did you pledge using Kickstarter or did you use PayPal?
  10. Cool! The Teaser looks nice. And I used the opoortunity to increase my pledge by 8 $ to join the Obsidian Order.
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