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  1. Taking a random squirrel or rabbit into your party and making him slay dragons was one of the funniest things to do in BG2. But that kind of stuff is added functionality, and you could still have a great game without it. I made this thread because console commands and cheat codes can prevent the game from becoming unplayable for various reasons.
  2. I know that the exact level of mod support is currently still to be determined. However, what about a player-accessible console, or at the very least a couple of cheat codes? Can we get those with Unity? There's two reasons why it's really needed, and why I'm popping my forum cherry with this thread: First, CRPGs are big messy things and I'm sure a lot of people who played BG2 got a lot of value out of CLUAConsole-ing their way out of glitches. (Bethesda-engine games, even more so.) It's a great fail-safe to have in place, and without it I'd probably never have completed DeArnise's Kee
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