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  1. I can agree with this. Miraculously a party of bi characters happened to meet with the player, so at least we should have met some LGB characters out in the world. (of course, not in a into the face way Beamdog and Bioware wrote them in their games).
  2. Nothing, I'm glad I wasn't expecting much from POE2 romances. Not really surprised or disappointed by the lack of effort. And all the pandering is for profit - commercial companies don't work for charity and they'll do anything to get a customer. Pandering is such a homophobic excuse to show discomfort to LGBTQ people while sounding as delicated flower so please stop saying it. Media have been pandering straights people since dawn of time and still. Bi characters in this game are bisexual, and they are as realistic as bunch of straight characters in the party. Get over it. Stop using this "homophobic excuse" for dismissing criticism. Nobody in this thread said that they are unfomfortable with bi characters. Those who are criticizing are just saying that it is lazy writing to make all the characters bi, just for the player can romance anybody they want. If I was a bisexual person, I would probably be more offened to be represented this way. Not being in the game for a meaningful purpose, as a well defined character, but just for romance option for everybody.
  3. And I think it's nice I don't have to play through the entire game as an elven female to see the Solas romance. I'd rather be able to romance him with a dwarf male as well. It's fiction. Let the fictional people be without sexual preferences. There are more interesting things about them than who they bang. Of course this is just a matter of one's preference, but I think it is just the opposite. It is much more interesting to have well defined character. Which is more interesting and nuanced? Having all the NPCs romancable disregarding the players sex and race...or having a gay orlan, a bisexual elf, a straight dwarf etc, and you actually have to play different characters in the game who can form a relationship with these different characters? Having everybody romancable is just immersion breaking, it's like those NPCs are just walking sextoys. Good writing means that you actually believe that these are actual characters in this fantasy world. As for having to play the game multiple times to unlock all romance options? First, this is an RPG, which warrants several playthroughs. Second, nobody is forcing you to unlock all the romance options. But if your aim in the game is to unlock every romance in one playthrough...well, I don't know what else could I say to you, the current setup is just good for you.
  4. The correct term is "player sexual", because they also don't care about your race. Such a shame that Obsidian did not write well defined characters. I'm not saying that this makes the game bad, but I think having characters that will jump on you nomatter what sex and race you are is just lazy writing. Or pandering, I don't know which one is worse.
  5. Am I understanding it right that every companion besides Eder and Pallegina is bisexual? Great, I knew Obsidian still knows how to write well defined characters.
  6. This inconsistency also a problem. If they couldn't do a narration for the whole game, why even bother?
  7. And shall we give them a hug for being as scummy as the rest of the companies? Good job Obsidian, you are not worse than others, you are simply just as bad.
  8. ... Chris says that _nick is a shill, DU facetiously says he's on Obs' payroll and Chris takes it seriously? lolwut. He says "IF you are an Obsidian worker etc", he is not sure about that.The message here is that Chris is actively encouraging Obsidian workers to confirm his claims, if they indeed work at Obsidian.
  9. Chris is actively encuraging Obsidian workers to confirm his claims.
  10. Why are you making up stupid **** like this? Nobody said anything about Obsidian falling apart without him. But just for you know, MCA was one of the reasons the first Pillars got 4 million, and there can be a sequel.
  11. This is what makes me question the legitimacy of the revelations and the poster. I don't recall Avellone ever being this nasty (**** in your mouth, really?) even while replying to the billionth question about the Fallout Bible and its status. Also, do we have any actual evidence, or is it all word of mouth (or forum post)? I would love if that was not MCA, but I believe the real Avellone would have contacted someone at the Codex to stop this madness if that account was not his.
  12. Did he really say he is not a good game dev? I might have missed that, could you show me the quote?
  13. I assume most people would rather pay someone they know and consider a friend rather than giving the business to someone they don't know at all. Not every decision is made based on cost alone even at well ran companies. LOL no, if you run a business you don't just choose a friend, not considering the cost. Sure, if your friend does a great job AND he/she asks a fair price, you employ him/her. But if there are competition out there who also do a good job with a more competitive price, you would be foolish to not choose them. Of course you can do that if you don't care about the money, but you have to have a really well running studio to do that. And Obsidian is not a very well running studio.
  14. A great question. It’s entirely speculation on my part, but the man isn’t shy about relationship with alcohol. Maybe he isn’t as happy and carefree as he would others to think that he is. Who knows. May I ask where do you get that alchohol stuff from?Follow him on Twitter for a while. I follow him for years and still don't know where do you get this from.
  15. That isn't all that strange or unethical. You give finances and accounting to the person you trust with the money. And a lot of firms do this out of house. I have a close friend who is an accountant. He has his own little accounting firm and handles a number of big clients, including shipping companies and foreign investors. He doesn't "join" the company for the business. They hire his services. And if I had a larger business so would I, because he is the person I'd trust with such large sums: because he has a proven track record, but yes, also because we have been friends for 20 years. Would you employ that friend even if that friend is charging much more than another business which also has a good reputation on the market, but doing the work for e.g. 70% of the price? Because that would be pretty bad management.
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