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Getting Drunk in-game

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If it affected dialogue choices, then I am for it!


Will it also affect the journal entry?


Whatever'sday the 24th of Whatevermonth


I woke up. people insist it is the 25th but that can't be true. We had a lot to drink last night and a lot of fun. I can't remember exactly what it was that was fun but I think it involved alcohol, a cleric, a bar stool, a dwarven contralto and a swamp dragon. People are looking at me funny...

Gods but I'd kill for a good cup of coffee right now!

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I think the BG games did have this. I can't remember what it actually did, but if you drank enough (depending on your con I think) then you'd get a little icon meaning your character was now drunk. I know some BG mods would also trigger dialogue in response to the first time this happens, can't recall if the unmodded game had any dialogue type reactions to it.


But I certainly have no problem with it, could be pretty amusing.

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There was this one stupid quest in Skyrim (well many of those, but..), but it had a net beginning.

You are invited to share a few drinks with one guy, you start gulping them down....


... and then wake up some town you have never been before, don't know how you got there,

and are apparently engaged to someone you dont know or remember.

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I think drinking and the effects of being inebriated should be part of the game, I have played games where when you drink there are visual side-effects. Its just a fun feature.

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I think if you can drink the Alcohol, you should be able to feel and see the effects of it. Nothing like in DA2 where no matter how many drinks you threw down it did nothing.


The shadow in the corner of your eye. The cold steel pressed to your throat.

The beautiful vision that may be your last.

Do not breath, for the Petite Death has your Soul in her hand.

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I think the way to make drinking in game more realistic is to slam a shot every time your character drinks anything in game. That way you'll naturally replicate real world drunkness in game by indulging in real world drunkness. I myself will play in a special super hard core setting I call "real world drinking" throughout the campaign.

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Perhaps it was my playing of the Presidential Debate drinking game (and it's effects on me),


My condolences to your liver.


but I realized that there are many RPG's that allow you to drink, but not get drunk and have all the fun consequences of it.

Just a fun thought :)


Lowered Intelligence, lowered dexterity, and higher constitution does make for an interesting brawling mechanic.

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I kind of liked the way The Witcher handled getting drunk. They did a nice job with the screen blurring and making it feel disorienting.


I had a lot of fun staggering through streets at night, getting into drunken fights with robbers and monsters :)


But it worked for the witcher because it had a certain gameplay. I do not think it would work for PE.

Unobtrusively informing you about my new ebook (which you should feel free to read and shower with praise).

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