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  1. How about making the actual game (as in the very first playthrough) as good and as memorable as possible instead of enhancing supposed "replay value" by implementing features most people won't get (or bother to) experience? Not to mention I can't see New Game+ not breaking the game. Use cheat codes / cheat console if you want to, I see no point in having a mode like New Game + though.
  2. I only want the world to be realistic within its own ruleset, as in consistent.
  3. Hey, just askin'. No need to turn into Mr. Crankypants. And because randomization of such things hasn't been done to your satisfaction in the past doesn't mean Obsidian can't to it well. I'm just making a point. There will never be a randomly generated anything that works better than the hand-made counterpart, at least not in gaming and not in the next decade or so. This game is supposed to pay homage to the RPGs of old - the quests are supposed to be of certain quality, not merely a filler that changes next to nothing.
  4. Because this works so well in Skyrim, right? Oh, no, wait, it does not.
  5. People (especially younger people) tend to be very extreme in their opinions. It's either this or that, hardly ever is there any middle ground. I played a whole plethora of RPGs and enjoyed a lot of them (including all the Mass Effects, as crappy as the ending to the trilogy was, Dragon Age, The Witcher etc.). Were they better than my beloved BG2? Nope. It doesn't mean, however, that they are complete garbage.
  6. BG and PST, in my mind, are two best cRPGs in the history of PC gaming. That said, Baldur's Gate is at the top of the list.
  7. Baldur's Gate 2 took a year and a half to make. Development time of modern games is skewed.
  8. It would be awesome if we could get a sneak peak or two along the way; That said, I'm not expecting anything in the next few months. Also, I'm so happy the live recordings made it into the game! The music is probably the number 1 reason for me instantly falling in love with the old IE games, as silly it may sound from a *gamer* perspective.
  9. Keep in mind the development of Baldur's Gate 2 began in January of 1999 and the game was released a year and a half later, in September. They did rehash some of the assets from the original game, but the vast majority were made from scratch.
  10. I want it to be bloody hard, I want it to be the biggest challange in the game by far, but I don't want to be limited by anything other than myself.
  11. Recieving absolutely NO experience points for killing opponents is something I wouldn't want to see. If most of the XP came from completing quests and only a bit from the monster slaying that would be ok. XP for killing monsters is an integral part of any infinity engine game and I would feel slightly cheated if that mechanics was completely removed from P:E.
  12. I wouldn't call huge open areas with nothing to do in them content. By a game being huge I understand it having a lot of content, not rehashing the same content over and over to create a sense of the *game world* being big.
  13. No such thing as too much content. In fact, a HUGE game would be a welcome change in today's gaming.
  14. You know, I always saw the blight in Dragon Age more as a force of nature than an antagonist. The real story wasn't the blight, it was about how people responded to the blight. And for that purpose it worked fine. I agree main antagonist in DA:O isn't archdemon, it's Loghain (and he is a very interesting antagonist if I may add). His agents are actively trying to stop you throughout the majority of the game, while on the other hand archdemon is, as you said, more like force of nature that puts events in to motion and don't intervene much after that. How was Loghain interesting? Not only was he extremely bland as an archenemy, he hardly made any sense.
  15. I don't think it would fit the game at all. It's not Deus Ex, you're not facing only *people*, not to mention the medieval-like setting of the game. Besides, it's kind of hard to make an epic RPG with a story full of grandiose centered around non-lethal takedowns.
  16. I also like the idea of powerful spells affecting the weather (when you're outside), i.e. casting a potent water-based spell would bring rain along with it for a brief period of time. Again, a purely cosmetic feature, but one that greatly adds to the feel and atmosphere of the game and with very little work necessary to implement it
  17. I think whomever played the Witcher 2 knows how refreshing this approach is. By the end of the game you are aware that pretty much everyone lied to you and nothing is what it seems.
  18. I just hope the game won't feature any junk. You know, items that are only there to be sold and have no reason to be in the game in the first place. They are supposed to make the world feel realistic, but it doesn't. It just annoys the hell out of you. Books are fine, because you can read a short story, at least. They do something. I don't want to gather a ton of "broken wooden spoons" or "half-eaten black robes" or any other **** like that. Yes, Dragon Age, I'm looking at you.
  19. I would actually enjoy fighting through an *actual army* to get to my final destination, but that would be very hard to implement. Besides, we don't know what the final goal of the game is, it's supposed to be more about self-discovery rather than going up against someone or something. I remember when I finally made Yaga-Shura (in BG2:ToB) mortal and came back to the city only to see it in shatters. The swift introduction was brilliantly read and the epic music (bhallspawn battle, one of my favourite tracks in the entire game) started to play. I brazed through the first opponents with ease and, after a minute or two, fought my way towards Yaga-Shura himself. As poorly as the encounter was done (due to technical limitations, I assume), the sheer atmosphere of it (the music, the setting, the plot) made the blood in my veins boil. It was so much fun to do. http://youtu.be/4V6ayeiKkT4
  20. Different climates in different areas - a big win! I also like the idea of truly outwordly weather in some areas. Things like that contribute to the overall atmosphere of the setting.
  21. I can live with a map marker pointing towards a quest-related NPC if you had already found him before. I don't want anything pointing towards things I am not supposed to know the location of. A mini map is a big no-no, a BG2 like map (a big map with editable markers) is something that goes better with an RPG like P:E.
  22. I don't like when something is unwinnable by design. I hate it, in fact. However, when you're supposed to lose and you are fighting against the odds (like fighting against a party of a much higher level), but you can overcome the challenge at least theoretically, than I am fine with that. Whilst it's not related to the story in any way, fighting a black troll early on in Gothic 2 immediately springs to my mind. There was also a nice encounter near the end of Dragon Age, right after you dealt with lord WhatHisNameWas (who betrayed your family) and was trying to leave his mantion a group of guards led by an important NPC stopped you and ordered you to surrender. The fight was supposed to be hard (it wasn't, but it still was one of the hardest fights the game) and so you could surrender and end up in the dungeon or fight and lose (and end up in the dungeon anyway) or win and get a very nice sword and an experience boost as a reward.
  23. A couple of million more = good. Significantly more than that = potentially bad, because of the reasons i've already stated. Getting paid up front doesn't change that. The reasons you specifed don't make any sense, to be honest. Every backer knows *what* kind of a project he or she is backing. To assume that the devs would go "mainstream" (whatever that might imply) simply because the Kickstarter generated many times more than originally planned is nonsensical. What they are going to do is entirely up to them. What players want or might even demand is merely a suggestion and, in the end, doesn't affect the creation process unless the devs want it to. Not to mention there is no need to debate a "more than a couple millions" scenario, because "a couple of millions" is all the devs can hope for and discussing improbable outcomes is nothing short of unnecessary.
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