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  1. That's what I mean. Sure it's frustrating to have a TPK in the same encounter over and over again. But then it's your own decision to go there. It happened all the time in the Baldur's Gate games. You could go to Durlag's Tower at level 3, but you'd die even before you entered the building itself. You said: "Dammit!", returned later and the success then was so much sweeter. A huge dungeon like also should contain not only blade fodder and loot but different factions that might be fighting each other. Players should be able to interact in a non-violent way with at least some dungeon denizens, but these sure are truisms of dungeon design that would have been addressed anyway And while dungeons should provide a lot of exciting battles, I also love it when there is lore about the world hidden down there that can be discovered by reading tomes in old libraries, beholding ancient stone idols and talking to that mysterious voice that is echoing from the bottomless pit...
  2. First of all congrats to Obsidian for their amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign. As a huge fan of your older games, I am really looking forward to Project Eternity! Anyway, I just had an idea concerning the Endless Paths and thought I might share it for others to discuss or at least tell me it's crap. Considering that this dungeon is going to be HUGE, I think it would be great to make it a place the party returns over and over. I am not talking about locked doors that can only be opened with special quest keys, though. What I would prefer is a more oragnic approach: Simply make the lower levels so dangerous that the heroes need to go out to gain more experience before they can return to the Paths with any hopes of survival. Tie the dungeon into the world, but separate it from the main story line (side quests might lead from the latter to the Paths now and then), but I would like to see this dungeon as kind of an optional challenge that is really tough to take on - and provides rewards that are worth it, maybe something completely unique like a spell that cannot be learned anywhere else, an exotic NPC party member of a race normally unavailable or a pet that can be found only in the paths (and must be defeated before it joins the party). Overall I am very confident that you guys at Obsidian will create something awesome with this dungeon, whether or not you like these thoughts of mine.
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