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  1. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Forums on fire off the shoulder of Bioware.com. I watched pan-species tentacle fan-fic seep over the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die. Thank the Lord.
  2. Have spent much time pondering this. Romances, actually, aren't *really* the problem IMO. 90% of people who tolerate and / or enjoy romances aren't *really* the problem, either. It's the other 10%. Basically, they are a plague vector who will destroy your game/ community. So Zero Tolerance makes complete sense when you think about it.
  3. A few people who have been around a little while (like nearly twenty years) abandoned this forum after New Vegas, came back for PoE and were disappointed by it. Do not intend to rake over those ashes. Noticed (a) hype train for this game and (b) Microsoft buying Obsidian and thought it was all quite interesting. Interesting enough to pop back in and say hello / check it out. If I unduly moved anyone's cheese by admitting I thought playing PoE was like being water-boarded by Sawyer's paramilitary gaming cadre, then I apologise fulsomely. Oh, and no Romances. That made me chuckle.
  4. I am very handsome, Hurlie, with the chiselled good-looks of an Adonis. I don't think I fell out with anyone here, my absence was solely due to a lack of interest in anything Obz was doing.
  5. I've had a couple of things published. Got a couple of short stories out soon, and a diesel-punk / science-fantasy novel out next year.
  6. Hello, I have returned as I find myself intrigued by news of a New Gaeme. The deliberate exclusion of Romances stirred me from The Pit, but I have to ask, will this game make up for PoE. This is not me trolling. PoE wasn't my cup of tea. It really wasn't, in fact it kept me off these forums for several years (you might conclude that's a Good Thing). Cheers, MC
  7. Wales overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU. It ain't going anywhere.
  8. I'm reserving this space for a freaking essay on the subject I am planning on writing for your delectation. Yeah, I voted leave and...
  9. I don't care, I got a Dwarven drinking horn with my High King Edition so there. Lovin' TW:Warhammer. Best TW game since Rome (1).
  10. Hi, like the title says, this popped up in my inventory. Let me know your Steam ID and you can have it, first reply to this thread is da winna.
  11. You guys do realise that non-hetero sex / relationships etc existed in any number of ways beyond "burn them!" in many cultures and periods of history, right?
  12. My Grim Dawn character at the moment is the Shadowblade, single-classed. I don't seem to get the hang of the synergies and I like the skill tree too much. Level 31 and still in the desert / wild west part of the game exploring gulches and passes... and I've only scratched the surface. * sigh * Thank you, Crate, for kinda getting it. So many companies don't nowadays.
  13. I'm jumping into the head-first. Plus CE drinking horn for RW quaffing whilst playing.
  14. Will it promise to be a fun CRPG then get bogged-down in pretentious lore and have clunky, uninteresting combat? We could call it PoE2.
  15. Grim Dawn. I've had it for ages on Steam and kind of tinkered with it, but the new release is incredibly addictive. The world has a kind of original Divine Divinity vibe to it, agreeably old-fashioned. But with a steam-punkish twist. And cowboys.
  16. Demolitionist (Fire Strike) and just about anything works. The other possibility, which requires using a 2-handed weapon (rifle or crossbow) is Shaman (Primal Strike) and something of your choice. You can also potentially go soldier, but Demo and Shaman are probably better. If you want a ranged caster, Occultist, Shaman, and Arcanist are probably your best choices as far as I know (though casters aren't something I like, so I'm not so knowledgeable about them.) My Shaman is single-classed. Dual-classed with a Soldier makes a guy called 'The Warden' who is badass but involves a le
  17. I've got a pyromancer, which is the engineer crossed with some magical dude (am paying attention). You can multiclass at level 10. Crossbow, electric caltrops and some gooey eye launcher spell. Oh and molotovs. I'm playing veteran level, it's quite good H&S fun. There are no dump stats either.
  18. Drumlin Diner is North West of Lexington, it lies between Lexington and Concord on the main road. There's both a permanent merchant (once you solve a problem/quest) and possibly a wandering merchant that shows up at the location (meaning sometimes you have two merchants there). Cheers 'Tep
  19. Surprise surprise, I'm enjoying it for many of the reasons cited for not liking it. I'm only level 5 and getting my arse kicked in Lexington. It's still too twitchy for me and, for the love of God, where are the traders? I can't sell my junk anywhere.
  20. Hello. I've been away doing stuff in the real world. Scary. Wow I miss Gfted1. He's like my gaming doppleganger. But handsomer. Anyway, I picked up FO4 in the Steam Sale and would be very grateful for some advice on character builds. Basically I want to stealth / snipe the crap out of the game and lurk about with rifles etc. Am not interested in clunking about in power armour. Am happy to break game and ruthlessly exploit glitches. Have limited time atm. I also gave up on Pillars of Yawn-ternity.
  21. Game of the Year edition purchase for this callsign, too busy to play.
  22. am having difficulty coming up with a more desirable option than sawyerxcain for combat mechanics in a crpg. perhaps you are a fan o' vd's aod approach to combat mechanics? Glad you enjoyed the combat, Grom. Personally, I've had more fun in a dentist's chair than I had playing PoE's combat but obviously your milage varied.
  23. The obvious solution is for Obsidian to create their own PA CRPG, in much the same way Pillars analogues the Infinity Engine games. Just don't let JES design the combat mechanics and we're all good.
  24. Thanks for all the feedback, I've got limited gaming time atm and still haven't finished PoE. I've been Diablo-ing in fact. Will maybe pick it up when it's dirt cheap in a year or so but until then I'm waiting for The Division, FO4 and Warhammer.
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