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  1. Dialogue options can cure many a'thing .. if you don't want to do something in a RPG.. you don't have to as long as its designed in a balanced way. 'forced' is a bit strong imho.. then again I feel forced to pay bank breaking sums for Parvati just to get a good outcome because the Devs didn't balance it for both sides (that I can get a good outcome some other way). I never played any Mass Effects.. and it wasn't what I was drawing from. And I agree.. I do think TOW2 should have a new character. Perhaps I wasn't clear.. I am saying all Captains.. *could* feel married to their ship..
  2. Hi Something I would like to have seen.. marking weapons/armor/items as important by the player.. and unique items being automatically marked. You can unmark items just as anything you already marked as important.. this is to prevent salvage/break down accidentally. DCUO (DC Universe Online) has this system .. and I use it daily. There seems to be an ability to mark items already.. but what it does I am not at all sure, as I was able to break down a marked item without extra confirmation. Dava -------------- and if anyone knows what the marking of items is in the
  3. This (romance) thing might have been a dodge guys.. I mean.. does anyone remember the Veronica + dress thing? (FONV) I was days in real life iirc.. 3 days I think in real life trying to get her a dress thinking it would romance her.. to find out she was gay O_O Making the main character 'married' to ADA enables the Devs to 'skip the fence' on the whole thing.. it's obvious that *if* given ADA is sentient.. it's obvious that A.I. are painfully shy about emotions, let alone sexuality. I imaged a scene.. once a week on the same day you get a dialogue option.. in her entertain
  4. hehe.. exposed: The moon is FLAT!.. exposed exposed clickbait
  5. Hi I have immersed myself in The Outer Worlds.. it's a great game. There is however something I expected but it did not happen.. spherical worlds.. I mean I just assumed the worlds would be planet like.. so for the next Outer Worlds.. a suggestion. Now.. I don't expect earth planet sized worlds.. and just like the real world.. a lot would be barren or barren and hostile .. here is where I suggest the 'join up' happens. 'a no mans land' kinda deal. The menu map could be.. just like the open world of Final Fantasy VII with much updated graphics ..and something like Google Ea
  6. Hi Like many players that I have seen around the internet.. I was pretty bummed when I found out no romance for the main character.. but then.. ADA said something.. She said a 'wife like thing' .. do not disturb my sleeping cycle upon your return.. like.. don't wake me up when you get back in.. that's something your wife would say.. So that got me thinking.. even as a retcon; is Ada our wife and that's why we can't have relationships? because we are already married? ADA mourns Alex like he is her former husband.. could it be in this world 'a captain is married to their shi
  7. I feel the same.. I feel that IF you have 100% rep with both factions and even if you get Zora's Review later (situation I am in.. Sanjar doesn't have the dialogue option) there should be an 'out'.. I would suggest a 'catch-all' of [Intimidate 100] 'You are either going to make peace.. or I kill you ALL!' If the player is REALLY dedicated to peace and doesn't have the Skill Points for the intimidation 100... they will grind to get it.. that shows a commitment to peace.. grrrr.. peace.. do as I tell you! I did it all naturally.. no guides followed.. but I hadn't
  8. Hi Not 100% on how this is supposed to work.. but around level 16 their perk points just stopped.. here's some picture: So.. if I got Max at level 8 and the companions get a perk every other level.. thats 11 levels and so thats 5 perk points total.. yes? or did I understand this wrongly? It's not just Max.. I have been playing Nyoka too..and her situation is the same but I have yet to check on the others.. any help, confirmation or furtherment of my understanding would be appreciated.. Dava
  9. Hi I just want to check before reporting a bug.. at level 19.. how many perk point should my companions have? I started noticing around level 16 my companions weren't getting perk points like usual.. but I am human and might be mistaken. thanks in advance Dava ------- Edit: Think I might just report this with pics and let the Devs decide..
  10. those are fair comments guys. It's a real shame though if it turns that way.. OB did such a good job with NV, introducing improved systems, direct humor content, and the story..some parts really moved me. But.. this does make for lacking of confidence in the franchise.. as I see more publishers taking longer to make single player games. ES VI will eat all Bethesda's time after Fallout.. could the next Fallout be 6 years away??.. if that's the case. wow.
  11. Hi Guys Im new here, please be kind. Despite the title.. I don't want to 'chase the goat around with a new stick', I realize we haven't even played fallout 4 yet..but for the sake of both sated curiosity and franchise confidence, please share if there is anything on the horizon for a new OB Fallout second tier release*. I understand there was a legal battle and the correct people won, thankfully,..now after the long wait for the main title.. I'd just like to check if we might see OB Fallout in.. 2 years?? A lot to hope for... FO4 will keep us going for a loong while yet, but that 7
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