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  1. i just don't understand why is there a character creation in an one player first person only game, seems like a waste of resources.
  2. if oscars were real instead of chocolate... i guess Shazam would own everything. But I know that these pseudo prizes are just for virtual signing
  3. no, they only overlapped after fallout 4, before that we were aliens and i know why. I had enjoyed the fallout series since the good isometric turn based tactics controls, then 4 happened and i hated it because our protagonists were changed by HAWKE and all solutions to every single problem were either "gun and run" or "radiant repetitive quests", i could not make peace until depravity and project valkyrie mods appeared (well nuka world also gave me another reason to replay, too bad i can't send the pack against the institute)
  4. I got a new "quote" notification but when i wanted to see it, it was gone
  5. so you will be playing the usual Dragonborn/Link type of character.
  6. It shows, you are the badass nobody that won't achieve anything in life and gets the butt all the time well I played as Nora Hawke in Arcade Spirits so, CONGRATULATIONS: you have your own "chuck e cheese" like franchise with tickets comming out from Midway and Neo Geo machines without animatronics and a Sugar Daddy.
  7. So that's it? are you going to let Epic win this one? Well if you are in need to use another front, i suggest you at least have the decency to use Microsoft one instead, you can update to windows 10 absolutely free right now so go for it, and if you think that your rig won't handle windows 10 then i have bad news for you: you have not the minimum requirements to play TOW
  8. despite what my steam profile says, i did end NV with all possible outcomes, but it is not reflected because i was running it with anarchy arcade and FOMOD: 1st run: Me playing myself, 1 int independent king 2nd run: Mr house with a daughter of ares 3rd run: a capitalist scumbag that sided with the Van Graffs and NCR 4th run: Feast of kings with a woman leading the legion No spoiler with the "middle of the way" choices for those who are replaying the entire story
  9. If that means i can somehow boycot or even make a point against epic, I may buy it for Microsoft store if i somehow get spare money, but my thrust in private division is over. And I could never trust obsidian like in december again.
  10. if you consider that kind of scum "pro" then I don't see much point into talking to you. It's not to late to do the right thing, you know. Boycot or wipe out those bastards, instead of supporting them.
  11. 2k? thrusty? Come on, their sport games are now casino bull**** with little to do with sports while Microsoft is actually being a good guy. stop sucking Jim Steerling's little ****
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