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  1. my new year tradition: Megaman X on the supernintendo
  2. or just dismiss them as they don't care about their consumers if they take that deal. I guess i should be exhalted because this news flash came in my b-day but all it does is putting salt into the wound
  3. I don't reward valve for being first, in fact, i had origin launcher years before after i got my first steam game. Also i hate FPS games, that's why i did not give a **** about half life or team fortress back in the time and still don't do. I had hardly touch my TOW copy since i got Disco Elysium and Antagonist on steam, plus another abandoneware game on gog
  4. I don't love Valve, i hate Epic Games, that's the big difference.
  5. so people who want it of steam gets a DLC as consolation prize? Sorry i can't forgive
  6. I had been playing Disco Elysium, which was not the best idea... controlling a brokenhearthed drunkard when i did was (and probably still I am) one of those brought me over the painful memories. Disco Elysium writting is closer to Bioware's than to obsidian's, it's Assimovian instead of ShuTakumiesque. In Disco Elysium you start with a defined character that you lead (like in Bioware's games) not with a white sheet that you can craft the background as you wish. And something tells me you had neither played fallout brotherhood of steel (non cannon console version) because that one is even more TRYHARD than TOW
  7. I somewhat agree, but i can't state that's the truth because i had not touched any PoE games
  8. So Freddie Mercury is stereotypical? Thought that Spongebob was more stereotypical
  9. I guess that the only game that can fulfill their bloodthirsty playstyle is UNDERTALE
  10. plot twist! in the end you shoot the civilian because evil corporations like EG are good
  11. I got the ice cream ending. The brand of the ice cream has what bugged me most, you see, this alt timeline Carlos Clan of 1 int bruiser males would involve Rizzo's beverages (i even chose the bartending background) and tons of doubious corporate stuff. By the end of the game, saltuna would become the next "bottlecaps" because i ruined both canneries (one by "liking pressing buttons" and the other because i filled it with zealot iconoclasts) scientists were struggling to make everything work again (i just revived a few of them and all of them died before ripping their harvests) and such. Another part that made little to no sense was looking at Felix waiting still for a revolution, maybe i was not much myself while playing this game, or maybe i should had removed the iconoclast's leader instead of ruining monarch's saltuna cannery so the soldier girl lead the iconoclasts instead.
  12. you know what was my favorite part on fallout new vegas? Punching the brains out of boomers. just saying
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