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  1. Wow ok seems you getting upset about a game. First there is no need for that. I never said the parvati romance was a pc romance. I said it can easily be adjusted to be. There by pointing out that its too hard to do in games is not always nonsense. We do agree that some games do it wrong sure but not all. It can be done well. Anyway seems like your one of those people that feels your opinion is the only one that counts but unfortunately yours is just one in a sea of many. And your right beautiful is subjective. Meaning your opinion is it is not necessarily the right one. You feel like your view about things are always right and to hell what how anyone else see things. One cannot discuss anything with people like that. So I won't I won't be bother trying any further. Good luck with that attitude in life
  2. sleep for 6 days on your ship it will always clear if your neutral that way
  3. Maby I misunderstood you. But still I don't want to assume things that happens or don't happen. That is what makes this game so much fun for me. The whole fact that choices you make give you outcomes in the end. Even the little things you do way back in edgewater. I don't want to guess what the outcome is nor do i want to assume. But I guess we all expect something different. The point is neither of us is wrong for wanting something from a game. If we all had the same ideas life would be soooo boring don't you think.
  4. This is not mass effect bioware nor bethesda. And there was nothing dimwitted about the parvati romance arc. It was beautifully written. Poor gameplay is not a cause of the game that is all on the player. Its and rpg after all. If you don't know how to deal with romance then maby its not for you which is fine. Just avoid it which you can do with ease. I'm sorry Ill agree to disagree its not a waste of money. Maby in your eyes. But hey you do you. Just because its not something you want doesn't mean that there are others that don't. Games are not made for one person.
  5. I see alot of folks here mention sex. Romance is not "sex". It is part of it sure but that's the extent of it. That is the problem especially you young people. When you see someone wanting romance in a game it is immediately assumed they want some sex filled game. That is not the case. The whole parvati thing is a good example of a good clean romance story arc. And in my opinion if it was possible to implement it for npc's a few changes in dialogue could have easily made it available for players.
  6. Even if a companion is his own person with desires etc. The friendships you build with people don't just vanish into thin air. That is ridiculous sure they would go their own way and do their own thing but you would hardly just suddenly forget someone existed.
  7. If you talk to ada alot you will realise there is more to her than meets the eye she is sure as heck not just another computer. She got secrets that she is hiding and that shows intelligence. She is some kind of AI I'm sure of it.
  8. Just one parvati ! Didnt need anyone else. Believe me tried to play a bad character and leave her behind at the start but just could not. When something like that happens is when you know you got the best companion.
  9. Ye I can sort of see the dilema. The problem is society not the game tho. Im playing a game portraying someone I'm not in real life. Maby its an age thing at my age sexual orientation is not a big deal in a game people should not confuse gaming with reality. Heck im a 44 year old strait guy and I just loved parvati as you probably have noticed regardless of her sexual orientation. There are a lot of older people like me that see things this way and game developers should not feel preasured to shy away from dealing with sexuality. I find its mostly the younger generations that can't seem to deal with it. So ye I would love to see relationships in games. Shying away from it just make it harder in the end.
  10. True but then the first time pravati gets on the ship and ada talks she clearly states that ada is actually speaking and not emulating. Just something to think about
  11. I can see your point makes sense from a gameplay perspective for future sequels. I really hope next time they add such well thought out and greatly written companions like Parvati they add some romantic options. I really don't like forming strong bonds with characters just for it to basically mean nothing in the end
  12. No but at least stay in touch. Let me put in another way I'm like 44 and I made a group of friends about 30 odd years ago formed around a singIe thing. Its now 30 od years later and eventho people moved on with their lives got married etc. We are still all extremely close. You just don't forget as if people never existed. Now when it comes to the game with most the companions you don't deal to much but with Parvati you are a huge influence on her life and build a strong friendship I can assure you those type of friendships last a lifetime. Anyway maby I'm just sentimental.
  13. Thats what bothered me everything went great saved the world and then people just forget each other after spending all that time going through everything together. I just feel a group of people like that would at least stay in contact.
  14. So I tried to play an evil bastard but that was impossible for me once I had Parvati in the party. She is probably the best companion in any game for me. Anyway she made it impossible for me to be so I found myself always turning into the good guy. So I decided to invest heavily into all the companions and I really enjoyed all the quests for them but then came the ending and that bugged the heck out of me. I did the good ending all was well but then bam just all the companions just leave your ship and just forget who you are. So much for the friends thing from the bar on the groundbreaker. Why is there no ending where everyone lives happily as friends ? Anyway just my feelings on the matter.
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