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  1. Cats in hats! <3 I should make a new character called Dr Seuss. Regarding the removed backer content... I'm so glad that the backer got to change it to something else rather than just getting nothing when they paid to be able to add something to the game and support it. I'm also glad that said new content makes fun of the whole situation, because it is quite frankly ridiculous (it was a very short, unspecific piece of text and I'm sure anyone could come to a lot of wild assumptions about it by using their imagination). Equally ridiculous is the way on the other side people now seem
  2. You mean the selection of icons that appear above the character portrait when I have him selected right? That's what I've been clicking on, the conversation bubble icon there. And he just says "This trip could've gone better." and the bubble stays there... Unless of course he's meant to just say that? Hmm, seems Calisca also has one... Ah, I'm guessing those single lines are all they have to say. I was expecting them to just bark what they say when I get to an area and that the dialogue bubble would be for actual conversations rather than single lines. Well, now I know at least XD
  3. This is probably something obscenely obvious, but I just can't figure it out. I'm at the start, I've seen a tooltip that said when a companion wants to talk, they'll have a conversation bubble above their portrait. That seems nice and simple. So in the ruins I noticed one such bubble pop up for Heodan. Hooray! I click it. He says "This trip could've gone better." and that's it, the bubble persists. I try right clicking the bubble, nothing. Since I need him selected to see the bubble, I now try selecting my main character and clicking on Heodan, it swtches over to him. The same happens
  4. I found one missing head in character creation, and figured I should check all the others while I was at it to see if there were more. -Female Orlan heads 4, 5 and 6 are not there. -Male elf head 2 is stark white. -Male elf hair 10 not there. -Male moon godlike head 4 not there. -Not sure if the Cipher Powers that you can choose from on level-up are being displayed by their levels. Because I can click on 1, 2 and 3 and it shows the same ones. Presumably it's only supposed to show those for each level. -When Selecting 'Game' in options menu other option titles vanish though can still be
  5. I think you nomancers underestimate us promancers a bit. I would love to see some of the darker aspects of relationships explored, especially reactions after a romance has failed or been turned down (maybe if your PC is persistent enough about trying to aggressively pursue a romance with an unwilling NPC that NPC will eventually leave the party or stop talking to you completely). In most games the romance interest and PC continue on happily as if nothing happened. Perhaps you could have someone who gets obsessive with a love interest (who may or not return the attention) to the point where
  6. I liked the way I could walk or run, without any sort of annoying side effects in PS:T. The only thing I wouldn't mind is making more noise the faster you go. Otherwise if you drain stamina is your character going to run until they fall unconscious? (and then you have to sit around waiting while their stamina goes up again) Or go into a surprise fight and fall unconscious after one hit? That would just be really annoying. Other penalties would be alright I guess, but they would still put me off using the run ability. Because if I'm using it most of the time it will be to speed up my progress i
  7. Heh, I just thought, perhaps we could have an Order of the Chimera (IWD2 reference) requesting half-breeds in the PE setting
  8. I think this would just encourage the 'I want more money spent on this feature that I like and use rather than this feature that I don't like' arguments. And we already get tons of 'I don't want development time/money wasted on that' going on.
  9. Sure you can. The whole "God" thing could be some trick by an egomaniac who has a tad too much power going on, for one. Or someone could deny Gods in the same sense that we have people that deny the moon landing, or that the world is round. Or you could have both. Or some third thing. Yeah and people who deny the moon landing and say the world isn't round are also idiots and or downright insane. I don't think anyone wants to have a main character who is basically a moron. Maybe if they want to put in a joke NPC it could work. Really? Then why the calls for havin
  10. This is the type of thing I was thinking of regarding animal half-breeds. And for a pretty well known one you also have the mule (horse-donkey). It's also interesting to note that they don't always seem to be infertile, sometimes the females can produce offspring. I'd really like it if that quote/what someone mentioned Josh Sawyer said on the issue (about there being no half-breeds) isn't something set in stone and that they'll change their minds about it. But I wouldn't be surprised if they don't either. I just think that they could do something interesting with half-breeds if they wanted
  11. In Arcanum as a Elf you wouldn't be particularily welcome in the dwarf mines, and people would be stand offish in the normal cities (due to elven arrogence) and dwarves the same but reversed. Half orc and half ogre where very disliked/distrusted everywhere, although there where backgrounds that could help with that. It made for some really good and interesting dialogue and question That does sound interesting. I'll have to dig out my Arcanum manual and take a look at trying to play it. It only means one race would have to be left out if half-breeds counted as a different
  12. My point is that if you keep saying fewer is okay it may get to such an extreme conclusion with time (after all DA: O had 3 races, a lot less than the D&D games that came before it, and then DA2 had 1). I'm not saying we should have so many choices for races that we have to scroll for hours to get through them all, just that more choice isn't always a bad thing. MotB had quite a number of races and subraces to choose from and it was a great game. And of course I'm pushing for half-breeds because I like playing them myself and we've already got the standard humans, elves, dwarves, gnome-ins
  13. Respectfully, this seems like asking to be pandered to. Being a fictional world with magic, the context of religion in P:E is naturally going to be completely different from our own, whereas "atheism" (as opposed to agnosticism, faithlessness, or a general lack of piety) is really quite specific and quite modern and therefore not a natural thing to import into the completely different metaphysical context of a different world. RPGs can't really get away with forcing you to play your character as a pious member of his/her culture's faith - and I've never seen one try, and therefore don't unders
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if they have, they've mentioned a number of other things in various comments all over the place. I should have learned from other games by now to set my expectations lower. Haven't a lot of concepts been pushed to their limits in fantasy though? As mentioned, elves, dwarves... Yet they're doing a different take on them. And I'm not sure that races being unable to interbreed is such a fresh thing, there are plenty of games already where you can't play as half-breeds. And PE will even have the god touched, which may be from gods interbreeding with mortals in the dista
  15. Sigh. I'm surprised that so many people seem to dislike half-breeds, but I guess I do have a habit of liking unpopular things. Hm, why do people dislike them? Is it because we've seen them in a number of fantasy settings? (we've also seen elves and dwarves in lots of settings, yet we have those... ) Is it just one of those things like romances that people just find offensive? Or because they think races should be separate (in which case oh dear, the races don't seem to be very distinctively separate in terms of regions in this setting, and as mentioned there are a number of different anima
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