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  1. if you have ever played ANY of the games obsidian has ever made you would notice something......grey morality! how are you people able to use computers? iv had bowel movements that were that weren't this stupid
  2. can we get a moderator to lock this thread? this thread pointless because we all want the same thing but a couple people have a completely different definition of what "grey" means, i hate to break it to you but the devs like grey choices and think simple good and evil is BOREING for the last ****ING TIME when we say "grey" what we are talking about is that its like real life no good guys no bad guys just different groups with different opinions and different solutions for the problems they face if you want simple good and evil go play fallout 3 with the rest of the children who can't form co
  3. i certinly think they need to be carefull of what promise us so that stuff like the heros hall doesn't conflict with stuff later on if they decide to change things about the game once they start making it
  4. i love rpgs they are my favorite type of game avernum,geneforge,morrowind,PS:T, but i like FPS and i enjoyed COD 1&2 BUT FPS and RPGs are nothing alike and mixing them is bad BAD and certin companies that shall remain nameless like to try add cram aspects from multiple game types into 1 game and end up ruining it, by all means obsidian should advertize to the COD crowd and say HEY why not try something new? but they shouldn't add anything to PE that isn't a part of a good RPG
  5. what you just described is a "grey" choice, i don't know why you have your definitions mixed up but from what you just said you agree with us and want grey choices
  6. this is the kind of depth and complexity that obsidian always produces , personally i hope they give the gods to CA and just let him go nuts
  7. i liked what FNV tried with the different currencies i'd like the barter system to be fun and interesting but about all else the game should have something that is light or weightless for us to exchange our phat lewt for and the what ever they decide to do with the barter mechanic it should have very clear rules that we can understand and know, because in fallout 2 i'd have merchants refuse my deals even when they were getting a much better deal and i wasn't clear if it was a game glitch or they didn't want something i was selling but it was very annoying
  8. i was trying to be more diplomatic about it but **** it lets run this topic into the ground !
  9. when we talk about grey choices we are talking about there being no clear good guy and no clear bad guy, not boring your choices don't matter and when you talk about "extremes" are you talking about like the megaton quest where you either pick good option: defuse bomb or bad option: nuke town and theres no middle ground or are you talking about the ending conflict in witcher 1 where you either side with facist racist secret police or side with brutal ends justify the means terrorist group ?
  10. i think we should get a very basic look at whats in PE so that we can get our hopes up and then rage against the devs when it fails to live up to our expectations
  11. this sounds like it would be similar to the low int dialogue options and would make boss battles AWSOME
  12. “ Breeding issues are pretty huge in cultures that took a big step back from infant mortality progress made in the last 100-200 years. Prior to the last few centuries, infant mortality was often around 50%-ish. Child mortality (prior to age 12) was about 60%. Those are pretty awful odds of reaching adulthood. Remember that Caesar's Legion is basically a roving army that continually breaks down and absorbs tribes that it conquers. That can only go on for so long, and Legionaries who are indoctrinated from birth are even more loyal than adolescents who are integrated. Breeding new generations
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