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  1. Thanks for being considerate and using spoiler tags! Welcome to the board and enjoy your stay. After five posts, you'll no longer be moderated and posts will go through without needing approval. Hopefully you stick around and enjoy debating, describing, or otherwise discussing your experiences with PoE and other games. I'll leave the answer to your question to folks more in the know than me.
  2. aHA! It becomes clearer. There were bomb threats in San Bernardino (high school) and in Loma Linda (who the hell knows where). That at least explains the black helicopter earlier today. I note that no one actually blew up. I'm with you. Bomb scares at the end of the fall term is not altogether unusual at a high school, eh?
  3. Heh, there was a bomb threat at Grand Terrace High School. I have close friends there. Of course, as is usual in these cases, no real bomb or anything. I do recall seeing a black helicopter overhead, but it was more towards Loma Linda so I don't think it was out looking for terrorists who called in a bomb threat in Grand Terrace anyway. Crazy world in which we live.
  4. Trump literally makes my blood run cold. I seriously may sit out the election if he's nominated. The only thing I can say to my gloating Democrat friends who relish the idea of him getting the nomination is this... you might want him to run because you think he can't win, but be careful of whom you root for in the primary because he or she may become President.
  5. Yeah, we're a bunch of lazy bastards. I'll tell you what, archangel, you're still welcome. This is a great place to discuss games and, if you want to do so, feel free. When we get into calling 'people' ignorant or whatnot, then you're going to end having posts gulaged. I say this to you in this thread so other folks can see it as perhaps clarifying how this forum works. We pride ourselves and letting folks speak their minds and blow off steam. ...And I'd already let at least one report in thread slide before a bunch of people (not just you) had their posts gulaged. What I'm getting at is
  6. I used to have a religious distrust of people who wouldn't share a beer with me, but then I came to understand it meant I get more beer that way. Seriously, though, while I *do* think there is a Muslim problem in the world today, I don't think it's necessitated by its religious tenets. Islam, like every other religion practiced throughout history, is not a theology in practice. It more closely resembles politics on the macro level. Personally, people have religious convictions and they organize and interact according to these personal convictions in a way that becomes religion write large
  7. Could it have been some sort of status effect that wore off, maybe? What I would do is just take a gander from time to time, especially when you have your inventory open for other stuff, and check to see. If, over time, it doesn't happen, it will clearly show as having been some sort of fluke. Anyhow, I'll let more erudite members find a better answer for you.
  8. If someone truly personally attacks you or breaks the forum guidelines in some clearly offensive way, you should always feel free to report a post. However, the brevity of an answer is not proof, in and of itself, of trolling. In fact, while I haven't read every single sentence, this thread seems a pretty good example of folks having wildly different views and expressing themselves vigorously without crossing over into outright personal attacks. A member disagreeing with you, however terse or short, is simply not a reportable offense. Folks are free to make good and bad arguments on behalf of
  9. Not only that, my impronounceable named friend, but that one heal over time spell at second level. I personally think that's one of the most badassed spells in the game. My thinking is perhaps slightly diminished at the moment, but it gives the priest a couple of truly vital casts of buffs or some other spell without worrying about keeping another NPC on his or her feet. It's not glamorous or exciting, but I think that's one of the best spells of the game.
  10. Damn straight, pilgrim! Although I admit that I love playing mages more than anything. If I couldn't have fun with a mage in my party (at least a joinable NPC) I would not have had as much fun with the game.
  11. I'm going to gulag some posts in here. Please continue the discussion about the topic. EDIT: for clarity.
  12. This is my second full run and I'm forced to play fairly slowly, but I've still only about 35% or 40% into the game as I see it. I don't know for sure. Anyhow, I just got to some sort of seige that clearly part of the xpac. lol I've managed to knock off a couple of groups of baddies, but these guys are real brutes and are tossing around spells to which I have no access. Let me tell you, I can't convince my bruises and broken bones that magic sucks in this game. I might be playing my other folks wrong (although I seem to do pretty well in the battles so far), but Aloth is probably the mos
  13. ...And that hits the point home, my numbered friend. I agree with Grom on this, I'll admit, but when you're the 'nosy neighbor' like me, you have to ask yourself, "What if this guy is just trying his best to get ready for some sort of med school thing? Maybe boards or something? What if I call the cops on some innocent guy and something happens to him?" The problem, as I see it, is where do we draw the line? If I hear gunfire, I should call. I'm pretty sure most folks would agree with that. The other scenarios are just too tough to call because there will always be a rational argument for eith
  14. This made me smile. Just can't get away from the comparisons. Avellone, PS:T, and a sales pitch to ol' skool RPGers? I just hope we get another great project from him sometime down the road.. Of course, I also want more PoE. :Cant's huge grin icon:
  15. Ironically, I *am* one of those conservative Christians. I don't take offense at you, Super Cal. I have some extreme views, to be sure. ...But, having been most often faced with either atheists or protestants who were at odds with my denomination more often than other religions, I've come to be at peace with other religious, spiritual, or even downright kind of nutty beliefs. Other people have articulated beliefs with which I agree, and have done so more artfully than could I, so I'll merely point to posters such as Gromnir to capture a lot of my conflicted views on these issues. Not that I ag
  16. Missed church today. Have stuff I need to do. So, something simple for dinner from childhood. Hot dogs and tortillas with kraft Mac and cheese. I know most of you will think that sounds gross, but it's tasty. I love rabbit. In basic, there were tons of fearless rabbits running around the grounds on base in Orlando. Oddly, we had rabbit fairly frequently as I recall. Some 20+ years ago, so maybe I got it mixed up, but that's how I remember it.
  17. Which do you have in mind? Use of standard high fantasy races such as elves and dwarves, including more standard weapons (such as swords), and a more or less standard high fantasy setting with real world parity in terms of politics and social organizations are more or less what I mean. The devs designed PS:T, as it seems to me at least, with the intent to divert away from a standard high fantasy setting.
  18. Nice to have you participating again, bringle88. Also, all is forgiven for you, Boeroer. You're not the first person to fall victim to demon rum and post something snarky in these forums. lol :Cant's looking down at his shoelaces icon: You don't always have to play nice, but reserve truly personal attacks for the forums where they downright encourage it. I'd originally thought that Boeroer edited his post, but I see he instead acknowledged being a meanie, gave us his mea culpa, and moved on... and so shall we. :D Now that I'm here, I might as well read the rest of the thread. lol
  19. Now *that* was interesting and quite telling. As a practical matter, it seems to me that PoE intententionally avoided some of the more exotic elements of PS;T. Of the two, I enjoyed PS:T more. On the other hand, we can actually enjoy xpacs and sequels of PoE potentially, which is great for me personally as a consumer and also affirms the design I would think.
  20. This seems imminently reasonable to me. I mean, pre-orders are supposed to be a huge benefit and, when you have folks who are clearly willing to go out on a limb, you should make the product available for pre-order. I mean, it shouldn't cost you anything and you'll be assured early cash flow to bump those numbers! Not that I'm biased or anything. <.<
  21. Okay, I get you. I still think that it's not a big issue, but I can understand some of these things just get under a players skin.
  22. Perhaps I misunderstood the things I read. Not uncommon for me lol - but totally worth it just to hear the phrase "murderhobo" lol I have to admit that the murderhobo term caught my eye also. Does it say something bad about me that I found it so funny? I've tended to actually role-play as best I could, which means avoiding most avoidable fights unless I'm convinced that someone is evil and meant to harm folks, in which case I've sometimes actually instigated fights and sometimes even outright started them, but mostly just talked my way past fights. On the other hand, I don't tend t
  23. I haven't been able to post as much lately, but I figured I had to agree with the crowd who doesn't understand why it's an issue. I mean, a hat that gives extra intelligence and mechanics is just fine, but eating some good ol' fashioned homecookin' just strains credulity? Of all the simulationist issues, this one appears particularly weak to me on its face.
  24. I've been reading these exchanges. I'm going to relate something in which I was personally involved. I'm sure some folks will read this and think I'm a real tool. Of course, I'm sure plenty of people already do. I'll have to explain a few things first, so please bear with me. What kind of guy is a volunteer mod? Someone who likes an orderly society? So it shouldn't be a surprise that I like to feel that my neighborhood is a safe and orderly place. Now, I'm a friendly neighbor, and I'm a helpful neighbor, so my first recourse if I think there's something weird going on with my neighb
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