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  1. Do they stack? Because the phrase seems almost too nice to pass up but a lot of the weapons I use atm have burning lash already as a result of wildly enchating them before I knew how enchanting works :D (still had enough room to get the most important ones to exeptional though thank the gods)
  2. Hrm I don't think it was a status effect because I could switch back and forth before. Anyway - now both have the higher accuracy which is fine by me (and correct)
  3. Hello, I just noticed that my self-made Cipher Companion is reported to have 44 Accuracy with Borresaine and 48 with a regular fine war bow although Borresaine is also supposed to be "fine". Tried to upload a savegame but apparently I can only upload 507KB the savegame is 1,5MB. I just noticed that reloading the save corrects the issue anyway. Still weird though. Is something like that known? And: do I have to check every weapon buff every five minutes? :D
  4. Hello everyone. Just registered because of this issue. Are there any news on this? Willl it be fixed in the next patch or is it a design choice to make locking down enemies not quite as easy? Because proper stun debuffs would also make the next stun easier. though one could just enable sneak attack on this without the debuffs....
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