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  1. Just a side question here. I'm starting out my first run with a ranged assassin/ascendant. I'm thinking to use mostly bows and arquebuses (maybe at some point dual blunderbusses after some respecing) with assassinate to quickly gain focus and then start spamming the fun cipher things when ascended. So I thought I'd use an elf, pretty much max out perception, intellect and dexterity, leave a little might so I don't completely loose out on damage but it'll probably be around 12 or so and go quite low (like really) on resolve and constitution. I know melee is nice for assassin for stacking assassinate with backstab, but I'm too squishy for that and assassinate alone is nice too and after that I at least have good hit chances and action speed if I need to generate more focus. Does that sound viable? Oh and cc is nice but I want to also use some cipher stuff that causes damage since I vaguely remember that being fun in poe1 (though I hardly remember playing it at all - lots of personal stuff since then). I get the impression in the forum that the cipher as damage dealer has been somewhat nerfed since poe1?
  2. So I finally got this game and I've been reading some wiki and forum stuff about builds, mechanics etc. I found a lot on power level and how abilities scale when leveling up, how this affects single and multiclass characters respectively but either I'm too stupid to use Google or there is information missing on how regular weapon attacks scale in respect to level and class. I've seen that different classes have different starting values for accuracy for example but does that not progress with level at all? How about penetration or weapon damage? With weapon proficiency only granting abilities now this makes it look like every character independent of class or level can use every weapon with more or less the same efficiency when not using any abilities but only regular attacks. And I find that hard to believe. I'd hope that multiclassing Cipher with some martial class would net me some inherent and progressive bonus in hit-rate and/or damage to make up for lost power-level for example. Or does everything really hinge on abilities now?
  3. Do they stack? Because the phrase seems almost too nice to pass up but a lot of the weapons I use atm have burning lash already as a result of wildly enchating them before I knew how enchanting works :D (still had enough room to get the most important ones to exeptional though thank the gods)
  4. Hrm I don't think it was a status effect because I could switch back and forth before. Anyway - now both have the higher accuracy which is fine by me (and correct)
  5. Hello, I just noticed that my self-made Cipher Companion is reported to have 44 Accuracy with Borresaine and 48 with a regular fine war bow although Borresaine is also supposed to be "fine". Tried to upload a savegame but apparently I can only upload 507KB the savegame is 1,5MB. I just noticed that reloading the save corrects the issue anyway. Still weird though. Is something like that known? And: do I have to check every weapon buff every five minutes? :D
  6. Hello everyone. Just registered because of this issue. Are there any news on this? Willl it be fixed in the next patch or is it a design choice to make locking down enemies not quite as easy? Because proper stun debuffs would also make the next stun easier. though one could just enable sneak attack on this without the debuffs....
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