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  1. This game doesn't need story mode, it just needs combat damage to stop being nerfed. RTwP combat isn't that good to begin with and making it last longer by nerfing combat damage was just dumb.
  2. What's funny is that these same people are perfectly fine with nonsense like this: Which puts the memorials at just slightly better than Sonic The Hedgehog furry fanfic but you know outrage and boycotts...
  3. It's a dumb joke but it fits the game world better than a host of other memorials.
  4. I triggered when I saw the quote from this guy: My therapist thanks the person that wasted their money leaving that immersion breaking nonsense in game.
  5. Made more impressive by the fact that XP use is still higher than Linux.
  6. Look at it this way, if the Russians hadn't allowed a psychopath to take over after Lenin, Truman would have stopped at just burning Japan to the ground with incendiary bombs.
  7. Not sure I would have went with a "fictional show illustrates how life was like 50 years ago" example, but maybe it'll work out for you. It may be fictional but its accurate account of a women's role in the workplace and perceived place in the home in the 1960's and earlier As someone that has talked to women who were alive in the '60s and earlier, no it isn't.
  8. They're wondering why it's "racist" for a white woman to sing along to the chorus of "All Gold Everything". Would you complain if it was Oprah?
  9. Relations between companies don't work the same way as relations between people though. He can say "f**k publishers" and strike a deal with EA tomorrow if both parties are interested. It's not like he's offending anyone. Which Brian did exactly that by making WL2 for Microsoft & Sony. Which Brian did when he said he was going to put Wasteland 2 on Origin. What?
  10. Don't confuse not believing it's a necessity with it being a bad thing. It's a simple yes or no question, there is no need for the defensive deflection.
  11. Would Vault City's First Person be as memorable as a random white guy instead of Joanne Lynette?
  12. If this is true then Skyrim is a perfect game and Wasteland 2 is a buggy unplayable mess. The game press isn't biased, after all.
  13. Do you really believe these random bloggers care about anything beyond the page clicks they get when writing hit pieces?
  14. Of course the best unforeseen consequence of political correctness is that inXile is being mistaken for Obsidian Entertainment. Even the RPG Codex can't escape it.
  15. So it's like every single American cRPG ever where we are free to gib every single enemy we see but we won't be shown a nipple because those lead to riots and looting in our streets?
  16. example? You fell for the bait. The internet is serious business. You should post an essay on medium.com about how offensive it is that no one takes it seriously.
  17. Yeah, but how could you think anything was corrupt on the game blogs when Skyrim gets perfect scores and Wasteland 2 gets marked down to slightly better than average because of bugs? There is clearly nothing questionable going on there.
  18. No one cares. For all the bluster that the Justice League of Internetardia throws around, the hashtag is still just people disagreeing with each other on the internet with a few websites cashing in on the extra traffic. Most people have real problems to deal with.
  19. Yes, but how exactly are you going to verify the story? Are you going to fly to Lagos and hunt the blogger down or are you going to do like the rest of the sane members of the human race have done and open another beer to enjoy the floor show?
  20. The tendency to unthinkingly follow the party line so you can earn internet cred is common to both the "SJW" and "anti-SJW" camps. I agree with this. The Target situation with GTA 5 made it clear to me that there certainly is a bit of party line following within gamergate. All Target did was act like a business. It's completely normal for a business not to offer a product if enough people complain about said product. Wrong, Target AU bowed to the whims of a group with a message that is really no different than OneMillionMoms.com that will only lead to more self-censorship from game developers and higher prices for consumers. Thanks for playing, though.
  21. So you don't care about women with actual problems?
  22. Sorry, but you need hard evidence that SJWs care about how women are treated. Like time slips from your local battered women's shelter, receipts of charitable donations to said shelter, photos of SJWs in Syria killing members of ISIS and freeing the women they've enslaved, etc. Your word that SJWs care about the treatment of women really is not good enough.
  23. Volo what worries me the most about that statement is not how fatuous and unrealistic it sounds but rather if you actually believe it... It would demonstrate you are suffering from a form of dementia and that would personally really worry me Here's an idea, instead of hurling random ad hominems; prove that all SJWs actually care about women. To help you get started here is a popular "feminist" warning about the evils of Christmas music:
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