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What types of weapons would you like to see in game?

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No Asiatic weapons, unless this world also has an analogous region.

Considering what we've been told, I'm pretty certain that there is going to be one.


I don't really see anything on the map that would lead me to believe that. What have we been told?

It's entirely possible I'm jumping the gun on this, actually. I've been going off the line from the Souls update:


"Through a variety of techniques (e.g. martial training, meditation, ritualistic evocation, mortification of the flesh), some individuals are able to draw upon the energy of their soul to accomplish extraordinary feats."


And thinking that accessing a universal spiritual energy through martial training and meditation sounded a *lot* like some people in this world would fit cleanly into the Wuxia genre.


It's also obvious that they're allowing for different "religious" interpretations of the souls and the spiritual realm, which means that tapping into world religions and spiritual philosophies is pretty much necessary.

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Kukri's, Bowie Knives, Kerambits...I usually play rogues so...these would me out alot, thanks. Add the ability to place poisons and or effects on these bad boys and id buy it for that.

Nick B




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As long as they have nice beefy two handed warhammers, I'll be content with that in addition to the usual staples of swords and axes.

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Also, please make the weapons realistic looking. Stay away from the Anime-style sword that's twice the size of the person wielding it or mace/hammer with a head so gigantic it would be flat out impossible to wield.

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What ever weapons there'll be - I don't really care (the standard medieval fare with some gunpowder variety) - I just hope the weaponlist won't go overboard so that they can not be balanced to offer "actual" difference in a combat situation - like the case with New Vegas, where I thought there was way too many guns behaving way too similiarly from gameplay perspective (the differences were too thin - due to the amount of weapons - to acknowlege the benefits over the next one).

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Perkele, tiädäksää tuanoini!

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I'd love to see Flails, not maces but flails. Usually not in most games, or if they are it's not a major weapon type/done well.


Also I'd love to see poleaxes or some kind of polearms that aren't treated as "one basic attack" weapons. To be able to use each type of attacks, such as the thrusting point on some, an dthen the cleave of the axe part, or to use the back side to pull people down like they could. Many polearms had multiple ways of attacking, but most games treat it as one type and ignores all of the different things you could do with them.

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Maces, blunt


poison to aply on weapon



weapon one hand

weapon two hand

ranged weapon (crossbow, bow, long bow, pistol, black powder)


weapon siege to defend fortress.



AND the last but the least TOWER SHIELD more higher than my dwarf :o)

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I can't really say before we know more about the culture and technology level of the world. It just wouldn't feel right if the game had every sword type that has ever been used in history of mankind, so in my opinion they have to choose one art style/culture and stick with that. Well, maybe a few exotic items here and there, but only a few.


If they are going to add many different weapons, they also need to make sure rules offer enough variety. Wouldn't it be pointless to have 100 different types of swords which all behave basically the same?


My only request regarding this matter would be, they make equipment realistic and something that could actually be used in real combat. So, no blades the size of a man like in certain JRPGs.


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Realistic katanas. Absolutely useless against armors, swords and anything more dangerous than a peasant.

i know this is just herping the derp, but still: no. altough the thing we know as katana was never really a weapon designed for warfare (and even those that were played second fiddle to the spear or halberd analogues), it still is basically a sword. and swords tend to be really awesome against lightly armored people, which back in the day was pretty much everyone.


and i don't really care if they add shotels or whatever obsucre crap as long as they serve a function and are useful.


and to echo the realistic arms and armor thread here: don't look like high fantasy plastic toys.

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sarissa and short sword please. if no sarrisae then please pikes.

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I'm going to rep my region a bit and vote for kerises to be included. Just as a little tidbit, the keris wasn't just an ordinary weapon, but was imbued with mystical power as evidenced by the rituals for its forging and use.


Oh and let dual-wielding be enabled please!

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