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  1. I picked the perfect time to come back poking around forums after a long while. I haven't been following PoE news and now I find out that an announcement for 2 is due in under 24 hours! Super excited for this. P.S. anyone care to fill me in on the essential small clues that are known so far?
  2. I'm actually happy that there's another way to manage the stronghold than running from one NPC to another. Never liked that personally. The prestige factor seems interesting, is there more accurate info about how it will affect the character & world? Otherwise, I'm liking the music, the game looks great, and I'm pretty hyped.
  3. I'll just throw a few simpler (than plate or similar) armor design out here, since not everyone can be wearing armor: Light horseman armors Footmen armor and half helms! Some gladiator-ish armor (just ignore that ducks wear them)
  4. Curse of Chucky, I have kind of liked the whole Child's Play series but this new one was kind of boring with Chucky himself being more silent and maybe a bit too nice in a way. But all of this was to be expected I guess, with this kind of a rebirth being attempted. I also watched Rebel Without a Cause, which turned out to be the film it was praised to be in the reviews I read. Even if the setting is a bit outdated, the message isn't.
  5. I myself would hope to see svef, the drug introduced in some update that was, if I remember correctly, allowing it's users to see souls. Would make for a nice add I think, even if it's use would only seen in some single quest or a few, for the player I mean. But addiction as well, to svef and possibly others, should in my opinion also be present. In Fallout 1&2 I always got a "aaawww ****" feeling when my character got addicted after taking some battle changing drugs. Wrestling out of the addiction was always fun, as the flaws could really cripple some abilities and make battles and a
  6. I'm personally hoping that Pillars of Eternity will use somewhat different undead, like say, dismembered limbs like heads and hands and feet crawling and jumping towards their target. Such weak undead could provide a different flavor, and who knows, maybe even a bit of macabre comedy. Or something like a dead tree, come alive through some soul trapped in it or something, that slashes at the living with rotting vines and such. And as others have stated, ghosts that don't appear physically would be more welcome than the common see-through character models. My main point being that I wi
  7. Well, I feel kind of stupid now, but it seems that I misunderstood some financial details when pledging, and my pledge is the 8$ short. And as a mere high school student, I have little problems putting it in, as I'm quite broke. So, with shame and regret, I'll have to renounce my membership. And I'm truly, really and sincerely sorry about this misunderstanding.
  8. Well, in my opinion, the dungeons story could progress in kind of a dual-arc. For example, the first "half" would be about the (near)surface level structures, telling the story of the people who built it, lived in it and all that. And the second "half" about their discovery about the earlier structure below them(the statue and what-not shown in the kickstarter page) and about their journey(and possibly death) to it. But anyway, some sort of a two-part or parallel stories. And what comes to monsters and their plausibility to live, I think that a representation of their possibility to live
  9. I wouldn't helmets like that, with a nice mix of pompousness and simple functionality. And black&gold armor? Gotta love that:
  10. I do care, but I don't think it's that important for the pronunciation to be spot on right after seeing the word, as IMO mispronunciation can help with making a language feel foreign and different. Also, while some might not care much for it, I think that learning a bit of some in-game language gives a feeling of accomplishment. And since were on the subject, will it be possible for the players character to mispronounce names and words alien to the player character? Might create some tense situations, and fun ones as well.
  11. I'd really like having racism and all that in P:E, as I love facing the challenge brought to the table by prejudices of NPC's. But I think it has to be subtler than races spitting and shouting threats at each other on the streets. More something like the player being, say, an elf. And by a happenstance, the player encounters an elf-hating NPC who gives the player a quest. And picking an "You do realize I expect to get paid?" dialogue line would cause the NPC to reply something along the lines "I knew to expect that from an elf." And then separate groups within cities/factions with a lot of
  12. Well, a few ideas regarding the furniture and that stuff: - A library(though I think some dev mentioned this already) that might help with things like lore checks(if they're implemented) if there's a collection on tomes and scrolls there. - A treasury room, so that some of the players valuables might be stored in a vault of a kind, and possibly if there are any incomes from the stronghold, it'd be the place they'd end up. - Some sort of an art hall, so that if the player decides to be an art supporter, it would be possible to throw money to gain statues and painting and maybe mural
  13. Great update once more, the monsters look great! And Skuldr's ability to "see souls" got me wondering, will it be possible to somehow hide ones soul "trace" from others? With a magical trinket or something of the sort?
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