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  1. Sorry to the double thread i don't have seen the first If an moderator can merge or delete my thread. Thank you
  2. Hi, have you plan to create an hunger system. That's very interesting, system with rest, food, and drink with buff and debuff if your character drink a good water or poisoned water same with food. three level in food, basic, cooked food, and higher cooked food. What did you mean ?
  3. Waraxe Maces, blunt sword poison to aply on weapon morningstar weapon one hand weapon two hand ranged weapon (crossbow, bow, long bow, pistol, black powder) weapon siege to defend fortress. AND the last but the least TOWER SHIELD more higher than my dwarf )
  4. YES YES YES please you must add sub-class that's more more great to the game.
  5. Waraxe, Tower Shield and goblins :)

  6. 33 BG 1 + add-on BG 2 + add-on NWN 1 + add-on Icewindale Planescape torment
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