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  1. So now you think a persons opinion is stupid? I dont think yours is, I think you have a valid point. Doesn't mean I agree with it. When and If Obsidian doesnt want this kind or any kind of conversation to occur, a moderator will step in and either cancel the thread or tell us to quit jabberin' about it. Relax, dude. We are all just talking. I'll advise you once again, if you dont like it, leave the thread.
  2. Relax, you dont like it, dont post in it. Follow basic courtesy rules, my man. Its just a discussion. I've pledged and am fully supporting and backing this venture as a PC game, nothing more or less. Its all "what-ifs". Chill. All well and good. Why not think about Obsidian's feelings on this (interview)? So why not? There are a lot of reasons not to. And because they don't want to do it. So you are basically against this entire conversation even existing?
  3. Relax, you dont like it, dont post in it. Follow basic courtesy rules, my man. Its just a discussion. I've pledged and am fully supporting and backing this venture as a PC game, nothing more or less. Its all "what-ifs". Chill.
  4. I agree with you on that point. Thinking about it a little more, a ton would be lost in translation trying to make the exact game for consoles and would essentially be a sub-par game and I'd hate that. I would say that console games centered around the mythos and realm of the game can be made and successfully.
  5. I posted this in the other thread about consoles. I dont so much think a console "version" of Project Eternity should be made (Could is out the window, with proper funding ANYTHING can be done). I will say, however, that I dont see why, and this is in the future, AFTER Project Eternity has been released, that a game, done by the team, for consoles, that is set in the same realm, can't be done.
  6. I still dont see why one can't exist. Maybe not a version of the Project Eternity game but perhaps a console game that is set in the same world. I have games on my PC, I have games on my XBOX360 and PS3, i like playing all of them. I just feel that something along the lines of a console game done by the same team that is set in the same realm, maybe different era's, could be done in the future.
  7. I say roll with one first...see how well it does and then if its done really and can be "consolized" (Sp?, not sure this word exists but im a ****ing wordsmith) then do it. I dont see why both can't exist. I DO see a valid reason for PC/MAC only for now, but I dont see why it wouldnt be possible for this to be a future endeavor.
  8. Loving the music so far. Thanks a lot. Although I have to admit...if you guys are hoping that our expectations are not super high, your descriptions and this small sample of music is only making matters worse for y'all.
  9. I like the idea of divine intervention...but I dont like it just "given" to me because I drank something or hit a deity totem...and since most deities are in conflict with on another (a-la Greek Gods), if I align myself with one maybe another one down the road won't like me so much due to my affiliation...or factions may like me more or less due to my affiliation with said deity.
  10. Kukri's, Bowie Knives, Kerambits...I usually play rogues so...these would me out alot, thanks. Add the ability to place poisons and or effects on these bad boys and id buy it for that.
  11. I just simply wont buy a game from Obsidian that DOESN't have a Mony Python reference. Just kidding on that but really? No, MP references? Who didn't hug you enough, my man?. Please, please, please...as serious as I like the tone of games to be, mature theme or otherwise, do not leave out humor. It is, in fact, part of any world, fantasy or otherwise. I like easter eggs, I like nods to other games. I do agree however, that it doesnt need to be prevalent and/or ridiculous. What I would NOT like to see:....enemies that look the same just rendered a differet color, repeating themes in quests (collect 20 powders of "blank", kill 10 ice trolls, destroy 7 magical barriers).
  12. Honestly, more disposable income. I gave as much as I could feasibly give. Im not ashamed of it, I could only give $118. For the 110 tier and the Obsidian order. If I could...id have gone straight to $10K...id love to be able to invest that kind of loot into something I enjoy doing and would enjoy seeing the fruits out of. I wouldnt even bat an eye lash...I just dont have that kind of dough...I work both for the FED GOV't and am still active in the MIL. We dont make much. I still love being a part of this and the games that I've played that have been touched by Obsidian
  13. So I got D3 as soon as it came out. Played it through and thought it was awesome....THEN I realized this is all about loot and getting super stuff. The story doesnt change, the outcome never changes and the runs will never change just the difficulty...I havent logged on since I beat it. My buddies badgers me about it since we co-oped once through and I just cant bring myself to replay that game. I've replayed Fallout 3 and New Vegas several times. The same with a bunch of my other games...heck I still have KOTOR 1&2 and have played both recently...sadly they dont work very well on the 360 but still...D3 sucked for replayability in my book.
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